For the students, by the students

UpScale is an exclusively student-driven initiative designed to unite all schools within JECRC

University, regardless of their tenure, through the creation of school-specific, beyond-the-classroom properties, initiatives, and programs. This visionary approach aims to realize the idea that “Together, each and every School is JECRC University.” UpScale, as JECRC University’s pioneering student-led community, stands as a catalyst for holistic development and collaboration, guided by the motto “For the Students, By the Students.” It is more than just a community; it is a movement fostering inclusivity and equal recognition for every school.

Beyond the traditional academic setting, UpScale has revolutionized the university experience by spearheading unique initiatives tailored to the diverse needs of partner schools, including the School of Management, School of Hospitality & Hotel Management, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, School of Sciences, School of  Law, School of Design, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Allied Health Sciences, and Jaipur School of Economics.

We are connecting students of the mentioned Schools, that are conventional in nature, and have less or no opportunities to gain real world experiences to practice in a simulated environment through UpScale initiatives!

The initiative emphasizes the belief that every school and student deserves a platform beyond the boundaries of the classroom, built on the principle that each school should receive equal recognition. UpScale actively works to break down hierarchy, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their tenure, collaborates on an equal footing. This commitment to inclusivity goes beyond the ordinary, focusing on elevating the academic journey through innovative, student-driven programs and properties. 

At its core, UpScale empowers students as active agents of change, providing opportunities and resources to conceive, organize, and execute events. By allowing students to transition from passive participants to event creators, UpScale promotes a sense of empowerment, fostering real-world skills that extend beyond the classroom.

UpScale's Flagship Initiatives

Legal Route

A unique initiative in which students from the School of Law explore the campus while learning about various laws and regulations, providing them with a practical understanding of legal principles.

Be a Manager

An immersive experience that allows students to delve into the world of management, with opportunities for mock interviews, case studies, and hands-on learning experiences.


A lok Sabha Simulation:- A dynamic initiative that simulates parliamentary proceedings, where students engage in discussions and debates on various agendas, fostering critical thinking and public speaking skills.

Money Heist

Prevention of Financial Frauds:- An initiative that focuses on the world of economics, equipping students with knowledge and skills to identify and prevent financial frauds, promoting ethical practices in the financial sector.

Tech for Managers

A marketing-focused initiative that explores the world of social media and digital marketing, providing students with practical experience in developing and executing marketing campaigns.

G20 Plus One Symposium

A unique simulation where teams represent different countries, engaging in discussions and negotiations on global issues, promoting diplomacy and international cooperation skills.


JECRC’s first film-making competition, where teams have 24 hours to create a short film, fostering creativity, teamwork, and storytelling abilities, with renowned guests present for the film festival.


A business festival that immerses students in the world of management through various activities and competitions, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

Arogya Health Camp

An initiative focused on promoting health and wellbeing, where students from various schools come together to organize health camps and raise awareness about health-related issues.

Team Behind UpScale Initiatives

Pranav Tanwar

Founder and Head – UpScale

Simran Pareek

Representative – School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Pulkit Sharma

Representative – Jaipur School of Business

Abhay Singh

Representative – School of Sciences

Samveg Shah

Representative – Jaipur School of Economics

Archita Agarwal

Representative – School of Law

Dalvi Shrivastava

Representative – School of Law

Isha kalwani

Representative – School of Law

Nandini Sharma

Representative – School of Economics

Monalika Medatwal

Representative – School of Mass Communication

Vishakha Maheshwari

Representative – School of Humanities and Social sciences

Saraswati Parmar

Representative – Jaipur School of Economics

Shashank Shandaliya

Representative – Jaipur School of Business

Harshit Gupta

Representative – Jaipur School of Business

Divya Mittal

Representative – School of Mass Communication

Aditya Singh

Representative – Jaipur School of Business

Arwa Paramar

Representative – school of hospitality and hotel management

Rohit Singh

Representative – Jaipur School of Economics