JU MUN Society (JMS)

“One of the hardest things about diplomacy is to put yourself into someone else’s shoes without compromising your own principles.”


 is a vibrant college organisation run by JECRC University students. It gives the student a place to grow intellectually, as well as in terms of leadership and communication skills through a range of captivating contests, gatherings, and activities.

By planning Model United Nations (MUNs) and giving people the chance to participate in authentic simulations of international diplomacy, JMS hopes to provide its members with a meaningful experience. Through these experiences, JMS gives people the tools they need to reach their greatest potential, be motivated to positively impact their communities, and acquire genuine, practical knowledge. In order to ensure that the next generation of leaders is fostered and ready for possibilities and challenges found throughout the world, it is not restricted to JECRC University students alone and is available to both university and school students.

The largest Model UN conference in Jaipur is organised by our JECRC MUN SOCIETY. This platform offers participants a chance to deepen their comprehension of diplomacy and international relations, but it also acts as a platform for fostering understanding, collaboration, and enterprise building for future leaders.

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JECRC Diplomacy Summit

The JECRC Diplomacy Summit has a long history of organising model UN simulations; it has successfully hosted six editions in the past, with over 500+ students from throughout India attending. JMS hosts the biennial JECRC DIPLOMACY SUMMIT (JDS), a Model United Nations (MUN) conference noted for its excellent planning, diverse delegate participation, and lively discussion environment. The conference is offered in a welcoming and collaborative setting, with extensive training workshops, experienced guest speakers, and precisely replicated UN committees. Delegates from all across the country come together to hone their diplomatic skills, participate in meaningful debate on pressing global issues, and establish international connections, making this an unparalleled educational experience for ambitious young leaders.

What we aim for the students

Leadership development

Public speaking and Debating skills

Collaboration and Team Work

Global Awareness

Critical Thinking and Problem solving

Networking opportunities

Our Directors


Arpit Agrawal


Dheemant Agrawal


Core Members

Monisha Singh

Chief Advisor

Jai Singh Rathore

Secretary General

Amogh Kapil

Joint Secretary General

Meet Kabra

Deputy Secretary General

Drishti Tanwar

Assistant Secretary General

Vishwas Rathod

Media Secretary General

Department Heads

Kinshuk Mittal

Head Delegate Affairs

Priyal Gupta

Head PR

Khushi Seth

Head EB Affairs

Kavya Dadhich

Head Outreach

Dinesh Singh Rajpurohit

Head Logistics

Yuvraj Sharma

Head Hospitality

Kamlesh Choudhary

Head OC