Abhyudaya- Social Arm of JECRC​

Growth and development of any nation is deeply embedded in the collective augmentation of all the sections of the society. The vision and mission of JECRC Foundation resonates with the thought of strong nation building. This cause of development is further strengthened by the students of JECRC Foundation, who work under the umbrella of ABHUYDAYA-The Social Arm of JECRC. Abhyudaya constantly strives towards betterment by mobilising the students on the path of self awareness, goodness and wisdom. It aims to prepare the students to face the challenges of life and emerge victorious.

Proud for JECRC Foundation with 23 Years of legacy and two-winged educational establishment and more than 22000+ Alumni including 13000+ Students with JECRC College and JECRC University set up  in PinkCity, Jaipur, Rajasthan. During the last one decade more than 5000+ students have actively participated in the activities of social groups. In this quest of righteousness we have been ably guided and mentored by the best of the fraternity. We are associated with Nobel Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi;  Padma Bhushan Dr.D.R Mehta (founder and chief patron of Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti, Jaipur);  Mr.N.K.Choudhary (Founder of Jaipur Rugs, Ghandhi of Carpet Industry, Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd.) and Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Anshu Gupta; Mr Vishnu Lamba ,The Tree man of India etc. The fraternization with such great luminaries has imported the magnitude of being gentle, generous, helpful and polite, in the lives of the students.

Our Vision is to create a center with holistic approach towards the community development and enhancement.

Our Mission is to instill the life qualities essential for harmonious existence, to enhance the spirit of innovation, to develop human potential to its fullest and to create an enlightened and spiritually awakened nation.

Zarurat “The Help Beyond”

Zarurat, as the name and emblem signifies – “helping the deprived”, is a non-profit student-run organization whose main motive is to help the underprivileged children residing in nearby neighbourhood, by providing them with the basic need and right of a human, i.e. primary education. The philosophy of the team is “each one; teach one”. Zarurat helps in overall development of a child and provides a platform where a child can educate himself and hone his skills and become a better citizen of the society.

The foundation of Zarurat was laid in the year 2011 in JECRC Foundation and in the subsequent year it was brought to JECRC University by its first batch of students. In the initial days, surveys were conducted in the nearby areas of the campus to get a rough estimate of the number of children and accordingly the classes were started. Since then, there has been no looking back. Regular classes are being conducted 5 days a week and every Saturday extra-curricular activities like sports, dance, music, art & craft are planned for the kids. Zarurat involves a way of teaching and learning with strong communication, care, love, respect, learning and creativity. We have more than 7000+ working hours, 500+ student coordinators who actively share the responsibility. Today we have more than 250+ small kids from nearby areas of University who enjoy with us and have become a part of each and every activity. Our founder members are now placed in good companies, some have their own business and some have progressed for higher education. Zarurat celebrates almost all the festivals with the kids with the spirit of celebration and commemoration. It instils in them the value of culture, integrity, secularity and harmony. Apart from this, events like Tree Plantation Drive, Diya Decoration Drive, Medical Health check-up Drive, Clothes Distribution Event, Mask distribution, Annual Event, etc., are organized every year for the children. Zarurat volunteers also pay regular visits to old age homes, schools for deaf and dumb and a government school in the nearby village. Zarurat has come up with Basic Computer Knowledge program for underprivileged children. During pandemic also, team was connected with these children in online mode and delivered different E-Modules for their overall development.

Aashayein “The Life Saviours”

As the saying goes, “Save Blood, Save Life”, Aashayein is there to prove it every single time.
Aashayein, a designated club at JECRC University provides Blood, platelets and SDPs to needy people on an urgent basis. We are connected to almost all the existing big hospitals, and blood banks in Jaipur. In case of an emergency, they contact our coordinators and we assist them as soon as we can. The team members of Aashayein are working 24*7

to provide all the necessary help to people suffering from dengue & blood-related diseases. Aashayein organizes many social campaigns to remove myths and stereotypes related to blood donation and other social issues. Some of them are:

  • Mega Blood Donation Camp
  •  Blood Group Group Checkup Camp
  •  Alumni meet-ups 
  • Orphanage and Old age Home Visits
  •  Induction ceremony
  •  Felicitation ceremony

They are organized by the team members of Aashayein under the guidance of Mr Bhatt Vaibhav, the core head of Aashayein. Our database consists of contact details of 1437 active donors, this number is increasing day by day and to this date, we have reached 18,483 donations & are counting. Our teacher coordinator Prof. Jagdev Singh has guided our team from time to time since the very first day, he has inspired and motivated us to be the life saviours that we are today. Our sole purpose is to stand for a noble cause and provide help and support to as many people as we can. So Come, join us so that you can also become a reason for someone’s happiness.


Suhasini “BetiBachaoBetiPahdao”

With the aim of changing the social attitude towards the girl children in India and uplifting their standing in society, “SUHASINI: An Initiative to save the smile of girl child” have been initiated by JECRC Foundation. From the last 8 years, students at JECRC have been consistently working to realize the same thought, not just to build successful careers but also to become responsible citizens, bringing a positive change in the society.

Suhasini – ” A vision and mission to make a better place for girls to live in”, students of JECRC laid the foundation of SUHASINI on 24th January 2015 (National Girl Child Day). Since its formation, the group has been working actively and dedicatedly for the cause “BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO.” 


Suhasini is a social initiative of JECRC Foundation that works to save the smiles of girl children. We work in 8+ villages, and 10+ government schools, connecting more children to mainstream education. We also conduct road shows, Seminars, and Presentations on Women’s Health and Hygiene, the Celebration of International and National Girl child day, Self Defence Training to spread the message of women’s empowerment.


Women’s education is the best way to save the environment, giving them the power to shape our future and change lives. We at JECRC handhold the girl child in educating them to set an example that a woman is never less than a man and can touch any heights in any field she wants.

The girl child is one who is made up of courage, determination, sacrifice, commitment, talent, and love. Let’s create an atmosphere of love, peace, and equality for them.

Soch “Kuch Kar Dikhane Ki”

SOCH is a social initiative by JECRC. It is all about helping others and making others do the same. As per the name suggests SOCH itself means a new and innovative idea that is aimed at encouraging a process of active thinking among people regarding their actions, reactions and digressions from the basic concept of humanity.

This social initiative encourages the students to step out of their routine life and work for social welfare. Be it Cloth distribution for downtrodden people, or orphan kids’ rejuvenation campaign, or No food wastage campaign, or cleanliness campaign for Jaipur city, or mental health workshops in post covid era, Our journey is to transgress to the path of humanitarian, versatile and productive thoughts. We encourage the students to step out of their daily chores, understand their social responsibilities and work towards the betterment of society.