Student Council: Voice of Students

Student Council at JECRC University: SERVE, LEAD AND INSPIRE

The establishment of the Student Council stands as a cornerstone in the vibrant tapestry of our student community, playing an integral role in providing a representative structure for constructive debates and impactful initiatives. Serving as the primary representative body for students at JECRC University, the Student Council is a dedicated team comprising 50 members meticulously selected through a rigorous process of interviews and group discussions from a pool of 5000 registrations.

A Catalyst for Comprehensive Growth:

Divided into four main divisions – General, Cultural, Sports, and Technical Vertical – the Student Council operates as a dynamic force, acting as a bridge between students and the administration. Beyond its core responsibilities, the council is committed to driving initiatives that expose students to diverse fields of interest, contributing significantly to their holistic development.

Year-Round Engagement:

Throughout the academic year, the Student Council orchestrates a multitude of activities designed to nurture a student’s overall growth and development. Aligned with the institution’s values, these activities encourage the participation of every student, providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills and carve out individual identities. The council’s dedication to fostering an inclusive environment is reflected in its relentless efforts to organize events that contribute to the institution’s spirit and community welfare.

Voice of Students:

Functioning as the voice of the student community, the Student Council is empowered to communicate its opinions to the administration on matters concerning students. This advocacy role ensures that the student body’s perspective is considered in decision-making processes. The Student Council operates under the supervision of the Student Development Office, ensuring alignment with the overarching goals and values of JECRC University.



The Installation Ceremony for the Student Council 2023–24 at JECRC University was a momentous event, graced by esteemed figures from JU. The selection of the ‘SUPER-50’ members, chosen by dignitaries and mentors for their demonstrated responsibility, was followed by a solemn oath-taking and badge-pinning ceremony, accompanied by the presentation of Council T-shirts and hampers. The atmosphere was charged with fresh energy, enthusiasm, and confidence, reflecting the council’s unwavering commitment to excellence in fulfilling its responsibilities. This event marked the beginning of a new chapter in the council’s legacy, promising dedicated and impactful leadership for the academic year ahead.

Structure of the Student Council

Muskan Tyagi

General Secretary

Pranav Sharma

Add. General Secretary

Charvi Agarwal

Ass. General Secretary

Sohan Beniwal

Head Operations


Technical Secretary

Ishika soni

Deputy Technical Secretary

Arpit Sharma

Ass. Technical Secretary


PR Head

Ashmit Singh

Sports Secretary

Karan Choudhary​

Joint sports Secretary


Dep. Sports Secretary


Additional Sports Secretary

Prince Dadhich

Media Secretary


Media Team

Faraz Siddqui

Media Team

Charvi Agarwal

PR Member

Ridhima Gupta

PR Member

Nandan Bihari

PR Member

Kinjal Talreja

PR Member


PR Member

Isha Soni

PR Member

Devansh Verma

PR Member

Daksh Nagar

PR Member

Charvi Agarwal

PR Member



Dhruv Tomar


Kanishk Kumawat


Kashish Goyal


Madhusudhan Srivastava


Poornima Siloka


Saksham Tapadia


Samarth Sharma