Mpower Cell on JECRC University

JECRC University proudly stands as the first private university in India to have collaborated with Aditya Birla Education Trust in establishing the Mpower Cell, our in-house counselling centre. On 26th April 2023, Ms. Neerja Birla has inaugurated the cell which has been dedicated for providing free counselling services to students and faculty on campus, ensuring quality assistance while prioritizing confidentiality and creating a safe space.

The initiative aims to cultivate a more inclusive and empathetic campus environment, sparking a mental health revolution that extends beyond addressing the pathological aspects. By emphasizing both well-being and revitalization, we believe in transcending mental boundaries to enhance academic excellence and foster greater fulfilment in life. The objective is to empower students and employees around the campus, to apply these principles not only in their careers but also in their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, creating a positive ripple effect throughout their lives.

Team Mpower is committed to nurturing a campus culture where mental health conversations are destigmatized and normalized, paving the way for a healthier, more resilient student community.


Mpower strives to change public perception by creating awareness, fostering education, advocating prevention & providing world-class holistic mental health services, regardless of age, gender, and socio-economic boundaries.


A stigma-free world where individuals with mental health concerns can lead meaningful & productive lives with respect & dignity.

Our services includes:

Adult Screening | Child Screening | Individual Counselling | Couple Counselling | Report Discussion

To book an appointment or for any queries, kindly contact:

Contact number: (+91) 9116104371

Email id: [email protected]



Our Therapist

Bhagyasree chatterjee

Mpower Cell JU
Email id: [email protected]

Yesha merchant

Mpower Cell
Email id: [email protected]

Admin executive

Prachi sharma

Admin Executive
Mpower Cell JU
Email id: [email protected]

Core Team

Amardeep vishnani

PR Head

Bhoomika rupani

Social Media Head

Sakshi choudhary

Content & Design Head


Research & Development Head

Manasvi sharma

Planning & Management Head