About Us

At JECRC University, we believe in fostering lifelong connections between our esteemed institution and its graduates. The JU Alumni Association stands as a testament to our commitment to maintaining a strong, supportive network that transcends graduation day. Our vision is to bridge the communication gap, creating a vibrant community that thrives on shared experiences, achievements, and continued learning.

We recognize that the strength of our community lies not just in the academic achievements of our alumni but also in the powerful connections forged among them. Beyond the walls of our classrooms, our alumni have ventured into diverse fields, achieving tremendous success in their respective careers. To ensure that these exceptional individuals remain connected, we offer a multitude of high-quality networking opportunities.

The core purpose of the JECRC University Alumni Association is to cultivate and sustain the bond between the university and its graduates. Beyond graduation, our commitment to the growth and success continues. Through mentorship programs, networking events, and collaborative initiatives, we aim to create an ecosystem where alumni contribute to each other’s personal and professional development. As ambassadors of JECRC, alumni play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the university and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

At present, our esteemed community boasts over 7900+ alumni spread across the globe. To support our graduates in both their professional and personal endeavors, we offer an array of services. Engage in exclusive professional networking events, tap into current services, explore opportunities for continuing education, and enjoy access to our campus facilities.

Our Alumni have consistently been the bedrock of our support system. Their unwavering commitment and selfless efforts have been a source of enduring gratitude and humility. Through tireless mentoring in their respective areas of expertise, active involvement in training and placement initiatives, and a genuine dedication to fostering entrepreneurship, our Alumni community stands as a beacon of inspiration for current students.

The active engagement of our esteemed alumni in an array of events, such as the Alumni Annual Meet, Alumni Talk Series, Alumni Mavericks Club Meet, Alumni Social Initiative Meet, Alumni Meet and Greet, Alumni Founders Talk, Alumni Mentorship Program, and Alumni Chapters Meet, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge in alumni participation. These diverse and enriching gatherings serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of our alumni, fostering connections, knowledge-sharing, and a vibrant sense of community that continues to flourish.

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, many of our alumni have traversed remarkable distances, becoming the architects of their success stories. They are not just invited but actively encouraged to assess and contribute to our events. Beyond contributing to societal well-being through practical goods and services, these trailblazing individuals have also created numerous job opportunities. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving within our alumni community, with more than 50 start-ups currently led or founded by our accomplished alumni who have wholeheartedly embraced and succeeded in their ventures

The Alumni Association has an exclusive portal for alumni registration at By registering, alumni can avail themselves of a wealth of benefits, including access to the latest information, job opportunities, and valuable guidance for their holistic growth.


Vision & Mission:


The vision of the association is to engage the JECRC University’s global community to support and advance the University’s excellence and to foster a sense of community. This association serves as a springboard for further development and is run by JU Alumni Association Committee.


  1. To provide a platform to promote networking among alumni of the university
  2. To help Alumni in achieving their professional growth.
  3. To encourage the formation of chapters to increase participation of Alumni.
  4. To exchange professional knowledge, organise technical conferences, seminar, workshops & training courses.
  5. To undertake social causes
  6. To honour JECRC University’s former student for their achievements
  7. To help the alumni to get advice from the University in various technical problems they may come across in their work life.
  8. To update alumni with Job Opportunity.


  1. JU Reminiscence:

“Memories are made when we all get back together”

JU Reminiscence made all the memories of our alumni live when they all came back to their own university back and witnessed the energy of their own campus. The JU Alumni Association made this possible to get all the ex-students under the same roof and celebrate this togetherness. At this happy occasion Shri Arpit Agrawal, Vice Chairperson JECRC UNIVERSITY welcomed the students wholeheartedly and expressed his love for them. Students were more than delighted to relieve their college days. A friendly Cricket Match has been played between JU Alumni and JU faculties. Alumni shared their valuable experience with the present students of JECRC University.

  1. Zarurat Alumni Meet:  

Zarurat, a club for social concern, conducted alumni meet where many students joined and shared overwhelming stories as they rewound their college days. They also told that how devoted they have become to the society and especially to the underprivileged children after working in Zarurat. Director Shri Arpit Agrawal and Vice-Chancellor Dr. D. P. Mishra also interacted with all alumni and were delighted to have them back to their alma mater.

The alumni meet provided a chance of refreshing the old relationships and forming the new ones.

JECRC University’s Alumni Association is thankful to all the alumni who spared their time to attend this event.

  1. Alumni Meet & Greet Program:  

September 25, 2018

JU Alumni Association conducted its first “Meet & Greet” program in association with JU Maverick Club where two of our Alumni, Mr. Yash Pandiyar Sahu (Professional Wedding Photographer), and Mr. Vivek Surya, Photographer (Wide Angle off Camera Flash Fashion) interacted with the current members of the club and taught basic skills of photography. The audience was delighted to hear it from someone who has been in their shoes before and now made it to a certain level. Ms. Komal Joshi, Coordinator, JU Alumni Association thanked the alumni for sparing time and sharing the knowledge with students.




Name of Student

Byte of StudentsDepartmentPhotograph
1Arpit SaxenaMy passion for computer softwares met the best hardwares of Computer in labs of college. With profound knowledge of Professors and best-in-class exposure from software giant Microsoft coming to our college, prepared me to digest broader vision that I always dreamt but never believed in before. The University provides a great amount of exposure and emphasizes on both the technical as well as practical aspect by conducting seminars and workshops as a part of the curriculum.B.Tech CSE 2015 Passout (Studying Abroad- University Of Texas)
2Shubham SinghExperienced an inclusively dynamic learning environment that inspires for personal and intellectual exploration, through the array of high-quality and well executed educational and extra-curricular programs.B.Tech Mechanical 2017 Passout (Tata Technologies TTL)
3Priyanka DixitHere at JECRC you get a tremendous head start with ideal opportunities to explore your talents, volunteering social and cultural events with a fine education given by creative professionals.MBA 2017 Passout (Freelancing)
4Mehul BhatnagarJECRC University provides you with the opportunities to build and grow yourself and excel in your field. It provides you chances to extract out your potential abilities.BCA 2017 Passout (Works in Capgemini)
5Shreyash SharmaJECRC university encourages holistic development along with academics. Handling various activity clubs and being in the sports team helped my overall development.B.Tech CSE 2017 Passout
6Raman KumarPlace to live your dreams, explore your caliber, enjoy the studies and best part…to be what you are and what you always want to be…B.Sc. Microbiology 2017 Passout (Msc –Microbiology, Himanchal University)
7Aayush MathurJECRC University is the most Versatile hub of great light sources in face of Professors that enlighten our path to Victorious Life aheadB.Sc. Microbiology 2017 Passout (Msc –Microbiology, Rajasthan University)
8Bhowmik DaniJECRC had the best course designed as per the market needs, which could get me going from day1 at the job i would have after graduating!B.Tech Mechanical 2016 Passout, Studying abroad (University of Texas, Dallas)
9Daisy SainiJECRC University is nonpareil platform to pull out and enhance our confidence, passion and also captivates in desired field. The homly ambience, ocean of knowledge leads us to Glory.B.Sc. Microbiology 2017 Passout (MSc-Microbiology, University of Rajasthan)
10Priyanka ChauhanWhere not only academics but enhancement of skills and talent of an individual gets the perfect base to grow up.B.Sc. Microbiology 2017 Passout (MSc- Microbiology)
11Sakshi SharmaThe university has given me a way to express my personality by developing not only the skills related to academic but also in co-curricular domain which made me what I am today. I will always embrace the days I have spent in JECRC University all my life. Creating and empowering new lives is the university’s main moto.B.Sc. Physics 2017 Passout
12Ripudaman Singh ChauhanI am glad to have been a part of JECRC University. From an average student to a proficient professional taking on new challenging assignments almost every day, JECRC University has completely transformed my personality during my three years of academic pursuit and has given wings to my dreams. I take this opportunity to thank all the academic and non-academic staff in providing sufficient support to my aspirations for becoming successful person at personal and professional front. Today I am what JECRC University made me.B.Sc. Physics Honors 2017 Passout