Basics of Becoming a Smart Human

IKIGAI: Basics of Becoming a smart human, is a student-led- initiative by JECRC University that started in the year 2022 to work towards fulfilling the overall individual needs of a student to remove their psychological, physiological, and emotional barriers. It focuses on a candidate’s 360-degree personality type to give them the necessary exposure to adapt and accept their surroundings in their professional and personal lives.

IKIGAI believes in the concept of “making every failure better than the last”, by providing students with a non-judgmental closed consciousness development space that allows their moral judgment of right and wrong to be more varied and accurate.

IKIGAI has made a significant impact in the lives of many fellow JECRC students over the past year by offering them expert sessions on issues of current importance covering more than 100 agendas and allowing the students to engage in numerous one-on-one interactions with professionals in the field of psychology to aid them in achieving best of their conscience. 

IKIGAI started initially in the JECRC Jaipur School of Business and during its Segment 1: Acceptance conducted numerous sessions on various topics such as How to calm the 16-Hour Machine, “The Brain”, Nazarian Badalna hai Sessions where issues generalised as Taboo were discussed, sessions on how to be a manipulative speaker to give meaning to the whole 3 months were conducted to make sure that students know how to present themselves publicly without the fear of rejection and Individual sessions (Counseling) of each student was held continuously in order to connect with them emotionally and psychologically. 


IKIGAI launched its Segment 2: Parichayaa, Journey to explore the red flags in self- exploration with its Inaugration and Orientation Ceremony in the month of November 2022 which was hosted by a renowned personality and a living legend, Padma Shri Air Marshal Dr Padma Bandopadhyay, PVSM, AVSM, and VSM. She is the decorated former flight surgeon, the first Indian woman in the Indian Air Force to be promoted to the rank of air marshal and the first woman to have completed the defence services staff college course.

In the span of 5 months, various topics regarding self-exploration were discussed such as, Philosophy of Life, Science and Spirituality in Leadership and Exploring Red Flags in Self Exploration where students learned about overcoming the challenges and flaws in self-exploration, and how to overcome setback and failures. The journey of  Segment 2 was concluded with the “YUGEN” Felicitation Ceremony, in the presence of a Dynamic and progressive Leader Dr. Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson of Aditya Birla Education Trust, which runs several educational institutes in India, including schools, colleges and technical institutes.  She is also the Founder of ‘Mpower’ initiative, now in collaboration with JECRC University, creating awareness among students and providing accessible mental health care to those in need. A businesswoman, a dedicated educationist, and a mental health advocate, she is a living legend who aims to bring an evolved change in the education and mental health landscape of India.


Following this amazing journey, IKIGAI has launched its Segment 3: Swah-Bhav in November 2023 to introduce the new faces of IKIGAI, the Batch of Super 40, who will be starting the journey and remaining a part of the process for a period of 4 months. IKIGAI recognized “Emotional Intelligence” as the next step in helping the students’ channel and direct their emotions.