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Arpit Bairathi
B.Tech 2016 Batch- Computer Science Engg.

IAESTE helped me to grab an international technical internship opportunity in Split, Croatia. I had the most amazing time during my international internship in Croatia and I highly recommend future interns to pursue this opportunity.

Experienced an inclusively dynamic learning environment that inspires for personal and intellectual exploration, through the array of high-quality and well executed educational and extra-curricular programs.

Shubham Singh
B.Tech 2017 Batch- Mechanical Engg.(Working with Tata Technologies Ltd (TTL)

Priyanka Dixit
MBA 2017 Batch- Transaction Process Executive at Infosys, Pune.

Here at JECRC University you get a tremendous head star t with ideal opportunities to explore your talents, volunteering social and cultural events with a fine education given by creative professionals.

My passion for computer software met the best hardwares of Computer in labs of college. With profound knowledge of Professors and best-in-class exposure from software giant Microsoft coming to our     college, prepared me to digest broader vision that I always dreamt but never believed in before. The University provides a great amount of exposure and emphasizes on both the technical as well as     practical aspect by conducting seminars and workshops as a part of the curriculum.

Arpit Saxena
B.Tech 2015 Batch- Computer Science Engineering (Studying Abroad at University of Texas) .

Akash Singh
B.Tech 2017 Batch- Mechanical Engineering (Associate Software Engineer at Accenture).
Recently, IAESTE helped me to grab an international technical internship opportunity in Germany. I am so thankful to JECRC University and IAESTE JECRC for this experience.

I got to work as a Research Intern at IEC, TU Bergakademie Freiberg. At JECRC, it has always been my pleasure to serve IAESTE JECRC for providing me this opportunity and wish them luck for the upcoming future.

Chiraj Shah
B. Tech 2016 Batch- Mechanical Engineering (Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant (Compressible Flow Dynamics) at New York University)).

Madhav Khandelwal
B.Tech 2018 Batch- Computer Science Engg. Application Development Associate in Accenture

Right from my high school days, when I was searching for good Universities, JECRC University, Jaipur was in my top list. I decided to take a tour to the university and literally got astonished by the infrastructure at the first glance.

The innovative assignments for each subject provide many opportunities to students to come up with ideas that relate to the subject. Students can make use of these opportunities to initiate new projects and gradually proceed with them by combining and incorporating the concepts of different subjects into it.

Vishal Sancheti
B.Tech 2018 Batch- Computer Science Engg. Software Developer at EY

Kunal Indoliya
B.Tech 2019 Batch- Computer Science Engg. Assistant System Engineer in Tata Consultancy Services

For me, Life in JECRC University has been breath-taking and enriching. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality, fuelling confidence in me to open my Youtube Channel and to follow my dreams.

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