Labs @ JU

Mechanical Lab:

14 well established laboratories which includes Advance Manufacturing Lab, Automobile Engineering Lab,CAD/ CAM Lab,SOM Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Engineering Mechanics Lab, Engineering Workshop, Production Engineering Lab, Mechanism & Machine Lab, I.C. Engine Lab Vibration Lab.

Journalism and Mass Communication Studio:

5-State-of-the-Art well equipped Media labs i.e T.V. Studio, Radio Studio, Video Editing Suite, Print News Room and Media Research Lab. Regular media entities i.e. Daily Newspaper THE MESSAGE, weekly T.V. bulletin THE T.V. TALK and a daily audio bulletin THE VOICE.

Science Lab:

Microbiology Laboratory is furnished with basic to advanced equipmentand has inventory of cultures and specimens of bacteria, micro-algae & fungi. In Biotechnology Laboratory.Zoology Laboratory facilities with latest scientific instruments, charts, models, slides, specimens etc. to cater the needs of the Zoology students. Chemistry Laboratories are well equipped with all the necessary scientific instruments, chemicals and glassware’s. Botany Laboratory has advanced instrumentswith a culture room available for students.Physics department has 6 Laboratories and one dedicated Laboratory of Applied Physics for engineering courses, two Laboratories for M.Sc.(Physics), and two Laboratories for B.Sc. (Physics).

Electronics and Communication Lab:

The ECE branch has been provided with the laboratories and workshops fully equipped with equipment and machinery. Basic Electronics Engineering Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Electronic Measurement Lab, Electronic Workshop, Microprocessors & Microcontroller System Lab etc.

Civil Engineering Lab:

Well-equipped laboratories include Concrete Lab, Computational Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Geotechnical Engineering Lab, Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines Lab, Building Material Lab etc.

Computer Science and Engineering Lab:

JECRC University has some of the best computer labs, with the latest computing facilities and high speed internet connectivity. The University has 19 Computer Labs with over 700+ Computers and 250 Mbps 1:1 network.
The University systems works with an ERP Technology backbone. The entire campus network is connected with latest technology enabled servers and CISCO network equipments. The campus is Wifi enabled.

Electrical Engineering Lab:

Basic Electrical Engineering Labto give introductory electrical engineering concepts. We have Electrical Machines Lab, Electrical Measurement Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Computer Lab, Electrical Drives Lab, Power Systems and Protection Lab, and Electrical Projects Lab.

Moot Court:

The Moot court of the university is well built with all the equipments of the court which exactly gives the experience and feels to the students as if they are standing in the real court of Justice. 

Hotel Management:

Basic Training Kitchen for hands on practice on basic cutting, chopping and cooking of various dishes, Quantity Training Kitchen for quantity food production/ bulk cateringof food items. Along with these we have Advanced Training Kitchen, Bakery, Training Restaurant with Mock Bar, Guest Room and Front Office Lab.

IPCurate Lab:

IPCurate lab provides a guidance and assistance in terms of patentability search, filing an application, early publication and grant support.

Design Lab:

B.Des Lab-Jewellery Manufacturing:
Soldering and Casting Labincludes soldering stations (gas fired torches), casting machine, Furnaces, ultrasonic machine, tumbler machine andMachine Lab contains sheet rolling mill, wire rolling mill, flex shafts, drill machines, grinder, polisher, heavy anvils, vulcaniser, wax injecting unit.
B.Des Lab-Fashion Design:
The Department of Fashion Design integrate the essential skills for understanding of the basic principles required to produce sample garments to industry standards. For this we have Pattern Drafting Lab andSewing Lab.
Agriculture Laboratory:
Plant pathology & Entomology lab, Soil Science Lab for analysis of soil samples, Agronomical and Horticultural practices and Plant Breeding & Genetics lab.