NCC: Grooming Tomorrow’s Leaders…

NCC is an institution dedicated to create ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’, encouraging them to discover their true calling, honing their abilities to pursue their dreams and foray into the world as empowered, responsible and true citizens. NCC empowers the youth with sound values and cherished ideals, offering plethora of opportunities to excel in all walks of life and become worthy citizens of our great Nation.
The NCC training program at JECRC University has had a profound impact on the lives of many students, who have found empowerment through the discipline and camaraderie of the training. Even those with promising careers in the field of technology have found that the program has enabled them to develop physically, emotionally, and mentally in ways that technology cannot.


  • Three-dimensional Force
  • Technology Oriented
  • Global Exposure
  • Career Opportunities


Empower volunteer youth to become Potential Leaders and Responsible Citizens of the country.

To develop Leadership and Character qualities, mould discipline and nurture Social Integration and cohesion through multi-faceted programmes conducted in a Military Environment


• To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.
• To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth.
• To provide leadership in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the nation.
• To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the navy, air and armed forces.


• Train volunteer youth to become confident, committed and competent leaders in all walks of life.
• Enhance awareness levels of cadets to become responsible citizens of the country.
• Provide opportunities and encourage cadets to enrich their knowledge, develop communication skills and build character.
• Make effective Contribution to Society through social activities and community development programmes.
• Train volunteer youth to become confident, committed and competent leaders in all walks of life.
• Enhance awareness levels of cadets to become responsible citizens of the country.
• Provide opportunities and encourage cadets to enrich their knowledge, develop communication skills and build character.


The NCC is headed by a Director General with the rank of Lieutenant-General. He is assisted by two Additional Director Generals (A and B) of two-star rank (Major-General, Rear-Admiral or Air vice-Marshal). Five Brigadier level officers and other civil officials also assist him. The Headquarters is located in Delhi. There are 17 Directorates, located in the state capitals headed by an officer of the rank of a Major General from the three Services. Depending upon the size of the state and growth of NCC in the states, Directorates have up to 14 Group Headquarters under them through which they exercise their command and control of the organisation in the state. Each group is headed by an officer of the rank of Brigadier or equivalent known as Group Commander. Each NCC Group Headquarters control 5-7 units (BNs) commanded by Colonel/Lt. Col or equivalent. Each Battalion consists of companies which are commanded by the Associate NCC Officer (ANO) of the rank of Lieutenant to Major. In all there are 95 Group Headquarters in the country who exercise control over a network of 667 Army Wing Units (including technical and girls unit), 60 Naval Wing Units and 61 Air Squadrons. There are two training establishments namely Officers Training School, Kamptee (Nagpur, Maharashtra) and Women Officers Training School, Gwalior.


(Est. 15 Nov., 2022)
Strength- 100
CTO/ANO: Dr. Savita Sangwan

TIME of SELECTION: July/August month of every year.


1. Eligibility Conditions
 Citizen of India.
 – Bearing good moral character.
 – Enrolled in an educational institution.
 – Meets the prescribed medical standards.
 – Age Senior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) – 15 to 23 years.
 – Enrolment Period Senior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) – 3 years.
2. Physical examination: This is first step of selection procedure. It includes run(2.5km), chin-up, sit-up etc.
3. Written test and Interview.
4. Application for Enrolment.
5. A student desirous of being enrolled in the Senior Division shall apply to the ANO/ Officer Commanding of the nearest NCC Unit.
6. Medical Examination.


1. 10th and 12th class mark sheet.
2. Blood group certificate.
3. Aadhar Card photocopy.
4. Cadet/Guardian’s Bank account details photocopy.
5. College admission fee receipt.
6. 04 Passport size photo civil uniform.


Total training period for SD and SW is 3 years with an extension of 1 year permissible on exceptional condition. Every cadet has to undergo service training for a period of at least 2 hours per week during the training year.
Every cadet has undergone service training for a minimum period of 75% of total hours during the annual college.
Every cadet, who has completed one full year of training and is in his (second year), attends an annual training camp(ATC) of 9–10 days to fulfill the eligibility for certificate exam.


There are 3 Certificates in NCC. Below describes about it from lower value to higher value:-
 – Certificate – A (at school level): It can be written by JD/ JW cadets of NCC, cadets of class 8 & 9. After passing those classes, it can’t be obtained.
 – Certificate – B: It can be written by SD / SW cadets of NCC, cadets after class 10 or those studying for +3 (degree). In the second year of training they can appear for the same.
 – Certificate – C: It is the most important certificate for NCC cadet. Now it can be written in the 3rd year of training, in the 3rd year of degree course/those having ‘B’ certificate, can write it in the first year after his +2 and in the 1st year of degree by SD / SW cadets only.
These certificates are awarded as grading of (1) ‘A’ grade, (2) ‘B’ grade, (3) ‘C’ grade.


  • Exempted from UPSC CDSE written exam.
  • Following vacancies reserved:
    • Army     – 100 seats per year at OTA for Men and 10% for Women
    • Navy      – 06 seats per course.
    • Air Force – 10% vacancies in all courses.
  • Air Force Academy – 5% seats for Girls(‘C’ Cert).
  • OTA Chennai – Seats reserved for Girls (‘C’ Cert).
  • 10-25% Bonus marks for recruitment in Armed Forces.
  • CAPF/Para Military Forces – Bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
  • Department of Telecom – Bonus marks for recruitment.
  • State Governments – Preference for state services in certain states.
  • Bonus Marks in Gazetted posts in CPOs.

            Bonus Marks in admission for Graduate/ PG Courses

  • Employment within NCC:-
    • Whole Time Lady Officers (WTLO).
    • Girl Cadet Instructor (GCI).
    • Civilian Gliding Instructor (CGI)
    • Aero Modelling Instructors
  • Ship Modelling Instructors


Throughout the year, various camps organized to train cadets in all field. These activities are as follow:

  • Republic Day Camp (RDC)
  • Prime Minister’s Rally
  • Combined Annual Training Camps (CATC)
  • National Integration Camp (NIC)
  • Advance leadership course
  • Army Attachment Camp
  • Hiking and Trekking Camps
  • Thal Sainik Camp (TSC)
  • Nau Sainik Camp (NSC)
  • All India Yachting Regetta (AIYR)
  • Rock Climbing Camps (RCC)
  • Youth Exchange Programme(YEP)


  • Adventure Based Learning
  • Mountaineering Expeditions
  • All India Trekking Expedition
  • Camel Safari
  • Parasailing
  • Para Basic Course
  • Cycle and Motor Cycle Rallies
  • Sailing Expedition
  • Sea Sorties



1) Overseas deployment  Indonesia, Thailand, Malasia, Singapore. (12 September to 21 October) – SCC Aryan Rathi

2) All India Nau Sainik Camp, Lonavala ,Maharashtra(14-24 October,2023)-LdgCdt Naveen Kumar,LdgCdt Harendra Singh, LdgCdtShubhvardhan Singh Hada , LdgCdt Upendra Ratava

3) All India yatching Regatta camp Chilika , Odisha(16 -26 November 2023) – Cdt Viraj Kunjir, Cdt Niral Rathore, CdtSuhasaniShaktawat

4) Basic Leadership Course camp , Alwar Rajasthan (15-24 November 2023)- LdgCdt Harendra Shekhawat

5) Special National Integration camp Port Blair ,Andaman& Nicobar Island(19-30 November 2023)-Ldg .  CdtShubhvardhan Singh Hada

6) Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat Gorakhpur,UP        (3-14 December 2023)-Cdt Harshita Sharma

7) Special National Integration Camp , Jaisalmer , Rajasthan (28 October – 8 November 2023)- Cdt Aryan Verma

8) Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat camp (DRDO) ,Pune Maharashtra(7 -12 May 2023)- LdgCdt Upendra ratawa