Research innovation


  1. Research Enriched Curriculum

In all undergraduate programs there is provision for project-based learning. In the final semester an undergraduate student in other than Engineering and Computer Application, may choose either course work, industry internship/ project or research leading to submission of dissertation/ thesis. In all postgraduate program except Engineering, there is a mandatory requirement of either industry internship/ project or research leading to dissertation/ thesis in final semester. In M. Tech there is a mandatory requirement of research leading to dissertation/ thesis. Each Academic Department has a Research Lab to facilitate the students to carry out research and learned creation of new knowledge. Undergraduate student are encouraged to publish review/ research papers and postgraduate students are encourage to at least one research/ review paper every year in top rated peer reviewed journals.

  1. Research Promotion Policy

JECRC University has well defined and articulated policy for research and innovation promotion. Cash incentive of Rupees 5000/- is provided for each research/ review paper published in SCOPUS/ WEB OF SCIENCE Indexed Journals. University bears the cost of patents & copyrights and signs agreement with inventor(s) for sharing the royalty if the patent achieve the level of technology transfer. Cash incentives are given to the faculty members for obtaining research grants for the University from Government and Non-Government agencies. Annual cash awards are provided to the best faculty researchers and one student researcher.

  1. Research Task Force

A special Research Task Force (RTF) of faculty members has been created who with the help of students undertake applied and socially relevant research in cutting edge technologies and solutions of problems of underprivileged sections of the society on priority basis. Member of the RTF also give more focus on filing patents/ copyrights and obtaining research grants from Government and Non-Government agencies.

  1. Extension Activities

It is important to connect with society and community to deliver the benefits of knowledge creation in an effective manner. There are students’ groups under Students Chapter of Profession Bodies, Clubs, and Societies etc. who interact with the people outside university to understand their problems and provide them either free or cost-effective solutions. JU implements Central/ State Government schemes for social welfare including NSS, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat, Legal Aid Clinics etc. very effectively.

  1. Research Outcomes up to December 28, 2023

Google Scholar Profile of JECRC University

  • Number of items indexed: 829
  • Number of Citations: 16950
  • h-Index: 68
  • i-10 Index: 328

SCOPUS Profile of JECRC University

  • Number of Research Paper Published:1021
  • Number of Citations: 12533
  • h-Index:56
  • I-10 Index:277

Research Grants Received from Government/ Non-Government Agencies: Rupees 16/- Crore

  1. Dedicated Research Labs
  • Central Research Lab – Life Sciences in Nyay Bhawan
  • Central Research Lab – Simulation in Vikram Sarabhai Bhawan
  • Central Research Lab – Makerspace in Vikram Sarabhai Bhawan

Some of the key grants/ projects awarded by the Government Agencies

  • Impact of Gender Mainstreaming Projects of Government of India

A multi-centric project was awarded to Prof. Ekta Menghani (2019-2021) to study the impact of gender centric projects of government of India and their role in empowering women in science.

  • JU – Biotechnology Business Incubator by DST, Rajasthan

Biotechnology is blooming in Rajasthan with new innovative ideas of young minds. More than eight innovative ideas have already been incubated with JU-BBI. The incubation center is governed by Society for innovation and incubation (SII). The motive of society is to inculcate entrepreneur skills with budding creative minds. The scheme notions are Herbotablet, Biotea/Herbal tea, Biodegradable batteries, Young birds, Herbal medicines, Herbal beauty and Rural Gold.

  • DST DAAD 2019 Indo German Joint Collaboration funded by DST, GOI

JECRC University, Jaipur hosted visit of Prof. Gerald Drager, Director, REBIRTH Unit Functionalized Polymers and Regenerative Agents with his research scholar Ms. Frederika in the context of Indo German DST-DAAD 2019. Joint collaborative project of worth Rupees 10 lakh sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology New Delhi. The academic collaboration with German partners from Leibniz University Hannover, Germany coordinated by Department of Biotechnology, JECRC University, Jaipur with the German partner Prof. Dr. Andreas Kerschning, Dean, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany.

  • Green Chemistry Frontiers funded by DST, GOI Prof. Sanjay

Prof. Sanjay K. Sharma bagged a major research project on Green Chemistry under the auspices of NSTMIS, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

  • ISRO Exhibition under auspices of DST, GOI

JECRC University has been sanctioned a project named “Exhibition cum Scientific Ecosystem for Rural Rajasthan” under the auspices of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine (STEMM)- India Initiative (Bharat Vigyan Darshan) for the popularization of Science and Technology. In this project, JECRC University has providedplatform to ISRO Exhibition of satellites and space innovations to more than 15000 school students of Rajasthan.

  • TIDE by MeitY, GoI

JECRC University has bagged externally funded research project entitled “TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ENTREPRENEURS (TIDE)” for a grant of INR 3.1 Crores from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). JECRC University has been granted Group- 2 Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs TIDE 2.0 Center (G2C). JECRC University has the pride of being one among these 20 centers across the country. As a Group-2 TIDE 2.0 Center, JECRC University will be supporting a total of 40 startups in selected areas of national concern by leveraging emerging technologies, during the project duration and also organize numerous engagement programs and workshops. This project will foster and evangelize a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in the state of Rajasthan that will inspire budding entrepreneurs as well as support the existing ones.

  • Science, Technology and Innovation Hub by DST, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Science, Technology and Innovation Hub established at JECRC University sponsored by SEED Division, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India is working for livelihood and income generation program and entrepreneurial environment for rural SC communities/beneficiaries using four major interventions 1. Low-cost herbal tie and dye methodologies generation 2. Innovative techniques for Gem and Jewellery making equipment’s 3. Scientific validation and documentation of traditional knowledge and 4) App based puppet learning.

  • Promotion of European and International cooperation in science and research

Project is sanctioned by International Office, Leibniz University, Hannover for International Fellowship funds under Promotion of European and International Cooperation in Science and Research for Search for new metabolites form Indian arid zone plants to Prof. Ekta Menghani, Head, Department of Biotechnology. She visited Institute of Organic Chemistry, Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany from 16th November 2022 to 20th December 2022 and worked on GC-MS, LC-MS MS, Lyophilizer, HPLC-MS, NMR etc. for isolation of new metabolites from fenugreek aqueous extract with sophisticated supportive autosampler and fraction collector to isolate purified peaks of new metabolites.

  • Startup India Seed Fund Scheme (SISFS) 2022-2023

JECRC Incubation Centre, Jaipur (Rajasthan) headed by Mr. Dheemant Agrawal, CEO and Ms. Komal Joshi, Incubation manager bagged with three hundred lakhs of funding from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (Startup India Section), Government of India under Startup India Seed Fund Scheme (SISFS) for year 2022-23 for empowering youth of Rural Rajasthan to become enriched entrepreneurs under sanction order P-38015/2022-STARTUP INDIA.

  • Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) Startup funding for budding entrepreneurs

JECRC Incubation Centre received a grant of one crore for three juvenile startups incubated. The funds were released from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India to Jaipur based Hemish Agrawal for Porto visuals startup, Hari for Cargo exchange and Nimisha and Naveen for Alloy e-cell received the funding of thirty lakhs, thirty lakhs and forty lakhs respectively. Ms. Komal Joshi incubation manager coordinated the submission of startup fund forms.

(L) SERB International Travel Grant: Dr. Anita Nehra, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, selected for SERB International Travel Grant sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to attend The Joint conference on Calixarenes and Cucurbiturils from July 16th to 21st 2023 at Tel Aviv central coastal city also known as “the city that never sleeps”, Israel organized by Tel Aviv University, Technion Israel Institute of Technology and The Open University, Israel jointly with International advisory committee of Calixarenes and Cucurbiturils. She gave flash talk on Electron deficient arms of calix[4] basket for capturing toxic fluoride ion on 18th July 2023.

(M) International Travel Grant: Dr. Mamta Kumawat, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology was selected for International Travel Grant under project Biomedical Research Instrumentation workshop program of Sakura Science Plan project sanction from Japan Science and technology (JST), Japan at Department of Cardiovascular physiology, University of Miyazaki, Japan for upskilling in Nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicines and nanotoxicity from 11th to 16th December, 2023.

(N) Dr. Shekar Chander, Dr. Bhavna Sharma and Dr. Gajanand Sharma bagged with “Upskilling and Awareness Program on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the School Children of Jaipur District” project from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for worth Rs. 21,88,800/- to upskill the rural Rajasthan with new scientific tools and technologies in the field of Engineering.

Ms. Shivani Kaushik, Dr. Sunita Yadav and Ms. Priyanka Beriwal of School of Design participated World Design Assembly Tokyo 2023, was hosted by the World Design Organization (WDO) promotional member Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). The 33rd World Design Assembly includes the 2023 WDO Research and Education Forum, a Design Conference and WDO’s 33rd General Assembly. Under the theme of ‘Design Beyond’, the three-day event explored the evolution of design and its intersection with humanity, technology and the environment. The JU Faculty International fellowship was availed by faculty of design and interacted with leading designers of the World. This event is one of the top priority Design conferences for renowned designers of world.

International Intern: Jonas Ranniger, University Heidelberg, Germany sanctioned with DAAD Fellowship (IN-BI-5453) with an amount of 2225 Euro and worked under Prof. Ekta Menghani, Department of Biotechnology for “Screening of Secondary Metabolites from Medicinal Plants as potentials Antibiotic Agents”.