My First Year Experience At The University

As they say, when you go to college it’s like living a whole new life, where you are an inexperienced person, just like a kid who is out there riding his tricycle not knowing where he is heading but he does not stop. It’s a whole new feeling, a fresh environment, and an unexplored track. Full of excitement, we come with many expectations of making a huge group of friends, living an independent life away from our parents where we can make our own decisions, learn to play guitar, or learn dance, be it anything we never stop contemplating. But as simple as it sounds, it never is. To support my statement, I would
share my first year’s experience.
A week was left before I had to leave for college. I had packed half of my stuff and the remaining was left to be piled up later. Being an outgoing person I always considered crying and being emotional before leaving for college was overrated, as how could a person be sad about exploring something new? For me going to another city, forming new connections, and
gaining experience is always stimulating. In spite of the fact that I never lived without my parents, it was still thrilling for me.
Along with my best friend, I left for college a day before orientation. Yes, one more reason to be so courageous to face this new life was because of the fact that my best friends were enrolled in the same university. I couldn’t get the university’s hostel due to a shortage of rooms so had to settle into a P.G., which happened for good anyways.
Being alone in an unfamiliar setting forced me to go outside my comfort zone to which I was addicted. Not only did I learn how to rely on people I wasn’t comfortable around, but I also had to realize the importance of liberty and making my own decisions without any outside insight. I didn’t know the markets nearby, where to get fruits from, or where to go for a plate full of momos. Finding my way around the city took a lot longer but that’s what google maps are for! But steadily I am learning my way around things.

Attending a fresher’s party was the dream which I lived in here. I didn’t participate in MISS FRESHER’S CONTEST but nevertheless, the fun was still the same. Harrdy Sandhu and Parineeti Chopra came as the showstoppers for the night. The next day was “DANDIYA NIGHT”, another event where I lived my life to the fullest along with people who make me
feel at home. Making new friends in university is difficult but making reliable friends is even tougher. You can’t trust anyone so early as not everyone came with the same intentions as you have. But so far I have made friends who make me laugh until I lose my breath. I enjoy my new company and I wish they remain until the end of my degree, although it’s easier said than done. I began to find my footing here in JECRC. While there are many things that I learned in this first semester, the most notable is the upkeep of a positive mindset and motivation levels, the usage of a planner, and the importance of college organizations and clubs.
Conserving good levels of motivation was also a priority for me because of the fact that the ability to lose track was very apparent and usual due to other contributing factors like work and family events. Additionally, maneuvering academic studies with your social life is tough. JECRC has become my second home and I am sure I will always have an exceptional place
for it in my life and in my heart after I am done with my degree. So that’s my first year’s experience which is quite uncommon to what others have faced but nonetheless, whatever they have faced, they got to experience something new and learn from it.

Ayushi Majoomdar

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