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Life at JU

Life at JU:

JECRC University aims at holistic development of individuals and the society at large. The University is a large dedicated community in pursuit of knowledge. Our students are taught by the academicians who are both world class teachers and researchers. Clubs and Associations give the students an opportunity to to pursue their interests and hobbies. They are encouraged to participate in cultural, social and sports activities while pursuing their academic programmes.

Wonder of Words (WoW)- 2022, The Literary Extravaganza:-

JECRC University organized the 10th Edition of Wonder of Words (WoW’22), one of the biggest, illustrious and exhilarating literary fests of Jaipur from 10th March to 12th March, 2022. The 3 day event saw three eminent and renowned personalities from the fields of literature, art and communication coming from all over the country with the motive of sharing their life experiences and interacting with the young minds.

The first guest speaker of the WoW’22 was Mr. Nand Bhardwaj, an eminent and esteemed writer of Hindi and Rajasthani and a well known media expert who was moderated by our student Miss. Shristi Mishra. The second session of the day was Jashn - E- Alfaaz in which the poets Tanoj Dadhich, Prashant Sharma alias “Daraaz”, Rishi Dixit, Utkarsh Rajpurohit and Akash Tiwari were invited to recite beautiful pieces of poetry.

The guest speaker for the exciting second day was Miss. Meghna Pant, a multiple award winning author, feminist, speaker and journalist who was moderated by one of our students, Miss. Ashini Palod. The other sessions that took place on this day were Suno Kahani and Mushaira where brilliant JU students expressed themselves through storytelling and poetry recitals.

The third and the last day was graced by the presence of Miss. Sohini Roy Chowdhury, an Indian Bharatanatyam exponent, choreographer and founder of Sohinimoksha World Dance and Communications who was moderated by one of the students of our university, Miss. Natasha Joshi. The event for the third day was Paricharcha or panel discussion where JU students expatiate on the topics ,Indian culture and Historical Scriptures and Self Expression.

On each day , a book launching session was organized where our proficient students revealed their profound works. On the first day, Mr.Yash and Mr. Divya launched their books. On the second day, Made from Misery and a photo book were launched. On the third day, the books Daffodils & Back to Basics and Letters from Fall were launched.

RHYTHM- Techno Business Cultural Fest @ JU:-

“JU Rhythm - Beats of Imagination” is one of the largest techno business- cultural-workshop fest that has developed over the year into so much more: a melting pot of Indian and Global culture, a launch pad for upcoming techno freak, a showcase of spectacle. JU Rhythm it's all about uniting the power of ideas with the spark of intention. We strongly believe every mind has the capacity to a better alternative out of every life. We bring a platform where in the youth come together to explore new paradigm in creativity; which is the bedrock of all growth. JU Rhythm each year brings a fresh vibe among everyone and enthusiasm is next level. The rising slope of participation graph makes us to expect more and the most promising one. With hundreds of exciting events, JU Rhythm promises to be a delight for every palate. Big names like Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Rajkumar Roy, Ali Zafar, International DJ Teri Miko, VH1 supersonic artists and many more have graced JU-Rhythm with their presence. The extravaganza hosts international artists, competitions and much more, all packed into one epic cultural fiesta!

JU-Rhythm strives every year to create unique and unforgettable experiences for everyone that comes into contact with it. We seek to change perceptions, expand possibilities and serve as a reminder that things are not always as they seem to be.

This fest seeks to serve you an unforgettable journey filled with surreal experiences, mind expanding perception shifts, and an invigoration of the wonder that is the human experience. It has set higher benchmarks in multifarious domains of culture, providing its participants a platform to promulgate their talent and explore their passion in the field of Drama, Music, Arts, Literature and dance. The Fashion show, the Rock Band, RC Car, Robo war, Street play, Dance Beat and pro nights covers most of the dimensions of presentable art.

JU- Cultural Clubs & Technical Communities:-

Students are encouraged to develop their extracurricular activities through these Clubs. The aim is to build their interests. The University recognizes the importance of nurturing the talent and provides the resources and acts as a catalyst for the same.
Residential life in JU hostels combines living and learning, both intricately linked with each other. Thoughtfully designed and managed, they provide the perfect setting for the academic pursuits.
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Recreational Facilities:-

The University has provided for sports enthusiasts a well equipped Gymnasium, Football ground, Basket Ball court, Volley ball court, Badminton court and indoor facility for Table tennis.  The University is member of Association of Indian Universities and its teams participate in various national and international tournaments.
The proposed Sports Complex planned at the campus will reverberate with energy and will inspire students to challenge themselves. Spread Over two floors the Complex will house indoor courts and zones for badminton, basketball, billiards and table-tennis besides a recreational area. Additionally,  a half marathon swimming pool with a gymnasium, Jacuzzi and spa is also planned.
JU also provides professional guidance and coaching for specific sports for interested students.

Wonder of Words (WoW)- 2022

RHYTHM- Techno Business Cultural Fest @ JU


Recreational Facilities