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JECRC Foundation: National Society for Engineering, Research and Development (NSERD)

JECRC Foundation:

National Society for Engineering, Research and Development, a Society registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 vide Certificate of Registration No. 623/Jaipur/1998-99 Dated: 01.02.1999 by Registrar of Societies, Govt. of Rajasthan is the promoting society for various Educational Institutions namely Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre (JECRC), Jaipur and JECRC University, Jaipur.

JECRC Foundation is an informal body consisting of JECRC Group Educational Institutional and Industry, which is recognized as one of the leading and most preferred higher education groups in North India. The Foundation started its journey about 19 years ago with the setting up of Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre at Jaipur. Therachem Research Medilab (India) Pvt. Ltd. at Jaipur is the Industrial entity which is a full-service contract based organization that offers quality solutions to support drug discovery & development and large-scale synthesis.

The Foundation works in close collaboration with the industry and other stake holders. A case in point is the fact that JECRC is the first institution in the country to become the Microsoft Innovation Alliance (MIA) partner. MIA is being run in 128 countries across the world to nurture innovation at the grassroots level.

The institutions of the JECRC Foundation have a very strong research orientation and culture. The Foundation has a research portfolio of over INR 20 million worth of government funded projects and the outcome is here to see. Seven patents have been filed by students of the Foundation. The students of JECRC benefit from strong research orientation. They get a chance for hands on exposure to research on live projects at Therachem Research Medilab. Therachem is an offshoot of serious on-campus research activities and is now a full-fledged, independent research organisation.

What sets apart JECRC Foundation is its commitment to high quality; industry recognized delivery of education along with cultural and social enrichment of its students.
JECRC has emerged as one of the most preferred engineering colleges among college aspirants in the region. This has been evident from the choices exercised by students, year-after-year. Equipped with modern education infrastructure, the institutions of JECRC Foundation are spread over 1 million square feet of constructed area.

Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre (JECRC), Jaipur 

Set up in 2000, JECRC has a state-of-art Campus set up in serene environment, well-qualified & experienced faculty; excellent management and infrastructure, to ensure academic excellence & overall development of its students. JECRC is the 'most preferred choice for 'B.Tech College in Rajasthan' amongst the aspiring students. JECRC offers five streams in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree programmes.All programmes are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and affiliated to the Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. JECRC has a very strong track record of Campus Placements and its Alumni have proved their credentials not only in India but abroad as well. Further details can be seen at their websites

Therachem Research Medilab (India) Pvt. Ltd. at Jaipur is the Industrial entity which is a full-service contract based organization that offers quality solutions to support drug discovery & development and large-scale synthesis.

The highly motivated proficient experts and the experienced workforce of Therachem Research Medilab are the most valuable asset. They are carefully selected professionals with practical hands-on experience in synthetic organic chemistry, analytical chemistry or medicinal chemistry. They are enthusiastically aspired to deliver high-value chemical synthesis and medicinal chemistry research solutions to our clients.

The site managers and group leaders are experienced scientists with demonstrated leadership qualities and abilities. They supervise the synthesis teams and carry out the daily management of projects and documentations.

Scientific leadership team boasts a wide expertise in medicinal chemistry and chemical process research. The leadership team's experience spans over 25 years in designing, directing & synthesizing novel chemical compounds and over 55 years of combined experience in drug discovery research and development. Our research in the areas of antiviral, oncology and cardiovascular diseases has secured desired results and demonstrated success. We possess a proven experience of over 23 years in many aspects of chemical process research and development of drug candidates.

As part of interaction with the neighboring colleges, universities and the scientific community at Jaipur, Therachem Research Medilab has established a hands-on training program for college students who are studying for their Masters of Science degrees in local universities. The top performers from the pool of trainees are given a chance to work at Therachem.

Therachem professionals' expertise and the state-of-the-art facilities allow it to carry out a wide variety of reactions including but not limited to:

  • Catalyzed coupling reactions (Buchwald, Heck and Suzuki) 
  • Bromination
  • Iodination 
  • Oxidations 
  • Reductions (chemical, catalytic) 
  • Hydride reductions at -40° to -50°C (Vitride)
  • Cryogenic reactions
  • Chemical resolutions 
  • Grignard reactions 
  • Mitsunobu reactions 
  • Lithiation (BuLi, LDA) 
  • Epoxidations (peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide)