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School of Engineering & Technology

School of Engineering & Technology:

The mission of School of Engineering & Technology is to provide a high quality Graduate, Post Graduate and Ph.D Degree in Engineering with specialization in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Civil Engineering. The syllabus is based on four year degree course for graduate and two years for Post Graduate Students. The Engineering programme is founded on basic sciences, mathematics and technology to emphasize the development of a high degree of technical competence. It ensures inclusion of paramount characteristics like Technical Knowledge, Laboratory & Research Experience, Preparation for future study, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship & the Broader Engineering Discipline. It is committed to provide access to high quality value based educational experience, especially to individuals who are first generation and non-traditional college students of all races while emphasizing multicultural diversity and international perspectives. The current facilities of the institution includes for visualization and virtual reality applications, digital and analog electronics lab, control and robotics lab, space vehicle mission planning lab, embedded system, design lab, simulator lab and computer lab.

Towards providing a better placement, the paramount purpose of the institution is to establish close partnership with Industry and Government and to contribute to economic development within the states of various land. 



School of Engineering & Technology offering the following mentioned below programmes:-

Branch: Computer Science and Engineering.

Branch: Civil Engineering.

Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Branch: Electrical Engineering.

Branch: Mechanical Engineering. 

B.Tech. (CSE) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Xebia)

B.Tech. (CSE) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (

B.Tech. (CSE) Data Science and Data Analytics (

B.Tech. (CSE) Cyber Security (EC-Council, USA)

B.Tech. Computer Science and Business Systems(CSBS) (TCS)

B.Tech. (CSE) Full Stack Web Design and Development (IBM)

Branches: Computer Science and Engineering | Civil Engineering | Electronics and Communication Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering.

Branches: VLSI and Embedded Systems | Power Systems and Automation | Power Electronics and Electric Drives | Computer Science and Engineering | Artificial intelligence | Data Analytics | Cloud Computing | Cyber Security | Thermal Engineering | Production Engineering | Design Engineering | Structural Engineering | Transportation Engineering | Environmental Engineering | Smart Cities Engineering | Construction Engineering and Management.