India vs Australia: An Epic Showdown of Two Cricket Giants

Yes, I am talking about the ICC CWC FINALS that were held on 19th November 2023. The epic moment where Team India was going to clash with the 5-time World Champion Australia for the Cricket World Cup Trophy. It all started on the 15th November, India vs NZ Semi-Final. Everyone waited and prayed for Team India to win the match, and India won the World Cup.

“India enters the final with a win of 70 runs,” the commentator says. All the Indians were dancing with joy and were very happy. It was the moment to be happy. India was going to play the World Cup Final after 2011. The date came; it was India vs Australia, the epic showdown. Everyone was excited and patiently waiting. JU Socialz decided to make this event very special for the hosteller as they were away from their homes. JU Socialz of JECRC University with the efforts of Kartik sir (Head of Social Media management) organized this event for the first time in university history and will organize more such events. As The great saying goes, it’s not always about study; it’s about the moment we live, how we live that makes what we are in real life.

Everyone started gathering before the start of the match, played some fun games, and did a photoshoot. Everyone came in Team India jerseys, showing their support. The time came; it was 1:30. Rohit Sharma flips the coin, Pat Cummins calls for heads. Heads it is; he chooses to bowl. Everyone was excited to see centuries from Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and all the batsmen. India begins the innings. Rohit and Gill enter the pitch. Everyone was excited here at the campus; everybody cheered them so hard. “Ro-Hitman” Sharma starts the innings and makes the way easy for the team with his power-packed performance. This is the thing we were expecting from the man referred to as the “Father of the Daddy Hundred.” He gave his power-packed performance.

On the non-striker end, we were witnessing the great deals from Shubman Gill, for whom this was the first World Cup. The pressure made him go tense, and India lost its first wicket. But the crowd was happy. As soon as the wicket departed, the next man was none other than Virat Kohli, the man who broke the record of the Master Blaster, Sir Sachin Tendulkar. He comes and helps Rohit Sharma. Here on the live streaming, everyone filled with energy. Every one started chanting the name India, India, and every way possible they cheered team India. As the second wicket of the team India fell, everyone at the stadium and at the screening felt very sad, and then the trail of falling wickets continued. one after the other. The team fielding of the Australian team was superior; they saved every run and that’s the motto. India finishes its innings with the score of 240 for all out. It was one of the few times when everyone forgets their fight and come together to make a single purpose successful that is India. It was the innings break, the music sensation and popular singers grabbed the attention of the stadium and here at university, the JUSOCIALZ kept the mood high with the music concert. Here at the University, everyone seemed happy but also there were butterflies flying in the stomach making everyone excited. The second innings begins Australian batsmen come to bat, and they start the innings with the blast of 4’s and 6’s. As the first wicket of the Australia team falls, students were cheering for the team. Here comes the second wicket, the important one and just after there was wicket it was of none other than Steve Smith. From this point here was hoping that we are going to win the world cup. Everyone cheered and sang together, the person on the disc was also one of the ones who made the event lift the mood of the surrounding.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the student he played a legendary and also the song that unites the nation, the winner of the Oscar, “Vande Mataram” by the legend AR Rahman. Everyone present here united and sang together to show their support towards Team India. But these moments of happiness were of fractions of time of the match, after the third wicket there was not any wicket and the win was slipping from the hand like sand as soon as time passed. India was close to losing the tournament; seeing this here at university everyone was depressed, the excitement that was surrounding the ground was converting into the atmosphere of sadness. After waiting for long hours, the match was over, and India lost by 6 wickets. The sense of disappointment and sadness was struck. Then Kartik Sir came forward to cheer up the student, and his words were as follow “the team gave their all and we should not be sad and worried. Think about what the team was going through and said we will celebrate as if Team India won the match. Celebrations are need to be done that our team came this far and gave a tough competition to the 5-time world winner that’s not what we see every day”. After the speech, the fireworks were fired and celebration begin. After all the efforts the team JUSOCIALZ put into it was worth it. We know that we didn’t win, but these moments are the times that we tell to our upcoming generation. And Also this was possible due to Jecrc university efforts as they knew the importance of this and gave permission to host this amidst the exams. There is a saying that goes It’s never been and never will be about emerging victorious; it’s about wholeheartedly giving your best.

Devansh Gupta


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