Commencement of Classes of B.Tech and UG Courses 2017-18  Know More..

Techno-Cultural Clubs

Techno-Cultural Clubs:

Students are encouraged to develop their extracurricular activities through these Clubs. The aim is to build their interests. The University recognizes the importance of nurturing the talent and provides the resources and acts as a catalyst for the same.
Residential life in JU hostels combines living and learning, both intricately linked with each other. Thoughtfully designed and managed, they provide the perfect setting for the academic pursuits.
   1). Zenith Club:-
         Work on Different kinds of RC Aircraft and Drones. 
   2). Innovatia- Robotics Club:-
          Work on Robot Design.

   3). 3C Catchy Cultural Club:-

         Create Different Team for Cultural Event in JU.

   4). Armada Club:-
         The Programming  Club, Hacking Group, Design Group for JU Students.
   5). E-Cell- Entrepreneurship and Incubation Club:-
         Develop Entreepreneur Skill in Student , Create future Entreepreneur from JU.
   6). Swarag Club:-
         To Encourage the Individual Student's Musical, Artistic and Intellectual Development and to Promote the Sparking Light of Music In the JU Campus.
    7). Terra Club:-
           Develop the Knowledge, Awareness, Attitude, Values & Skill that will Enable and Individuals and the Community Contribute towards, Maintaining and Improving Quality of Environment. 
    8). Maverick Club:-
          Students will Learn Various Aspect of Photography and Creative Design, Promotion of Different Event by Using Social Media.
     9). Abhivyakti Club:-
           To Increase their Confidence Level up to the Mark So that Student can Perform on Stage . To be one of the Best Theatre Club.
     10). Angle Club:-
             Practicing Martial Art,  Conducting Workshop on Self Defense, SKIT, Training to Vulnerable Members of Society.
    11). Srijana- Design Club:-
            Best out of Waste, Brushless Painting, Rhyme Sketching, Workshops on Lamp Making, Wood Cut Prints
    12). Masterchef Club:-
            Practicing World Food Art, Conducting Workshop on World Foods,  Aiming for “Food for All” society.
     13). Quintessence Crew Club:-
             This Club will Provide Fashion Show and Dance Platform for the Students.
     14). Sports Club:-
             To Develop Sporting Skill in Players (Chess, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, American Football, Cricket & Badminton etc. 
     15). Zarurat Club:-
             An Organization for Social Concern, Basically Educating the Unprivileged Poor Kids Who Can not avail the facility of schooling.