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Techno-Cultural Clubs

Techno-Cultural Clubs:

Students are encouraged to develop their extracurricular activities through these Clubs. The aim is to build their interests. The University recognizes the importance of nurturing the talent and provides the resources and acts as a catalyst for the same.
Residential life in JU hostels combines living and learning, both intricately linked with each other. Thoughtfully designed and managed, they provide the perfect setting for the academic pursuits.
   1). Innovatsiya Club:-
        The club was founded to cover all the technical fields such as Aeromodeling, automobile and robotics. There was a Aeromodeling club in Ju earlier but was not working properly also  the robotics club so to cover all these the club was founded. 
        The aim of club is to teach how we can build our own RC PLANES, ROBOTS using aurdino board, and many other things. There is no limit to what you can create the only limit is your imagination.

   2). 3C Catchy Cultural Club:-

         Create Different Team for Cultural Event in JU.

   3). Armada Club:-
         ARMADA Club has been started in order to improve the programming skills of the students.
   4). E-Cell Club:-
        Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) of JECRC University aims at promoting a spirit of entrepreneurship in the students of the university. E Cell,        Started in 2015, as a student-run club, is    recognized as an important organ to create an Ecosystem for Fostering Entrepreneurship at JECRC University
   5). Swarag Club:-
         SWARAAG Musical Club has been conceived and developed with a motto of "Verbreiten Sie die Freude an der Musik" which means 'to spread the joy of music. This club has been    brought up to a level after the involvement of true emotions, dedications, devotions and, of course, with innovations, which is still recognized by the people having image imprinted by          the club in past four years.
    6). Terra Club:-
          Develop the Knowledge, Awareness, Attitude, Values & Skill that will Enable and Individuals and the Community Contribute towards, Maintaining and Improving Quality of          Environment. 
    7). Maverick Club:-
         The mission of the Maverick Club is to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography while    attending JECRC University. 
     8). Abhivyakti Club:-
          Abhivyakti- Theatre club organises various events like acting, dancing, singing, story writing, skit, stree play, Nukkad Natak, stand up comedy etc. These all activities come under      abhivyakti- The Theatre club, JECRC University. Abhivyakti Club creates opportunities for social and educational development through participation in the theatre acts. 
     9). Srijana Club:-
          Srijana is a Sanskrit word which means ‘creation’. The main motive of the club is to promote the students in the field of creation. It is a Club is of the students open to all students       interested to express their creativity through design. This club increases the creativity and enthusiasm for new students through the different design events. 
    10). Masterchef Club:-
            The Masterchef Club at JECRC University gives students an opportunity to bring out their passion through food variations, presentation, skill and creativity.
     11). Quintessence Crew Club:-
             The Quintessence Crew  is unique among student-run dance clubs for the scope and quality of its productions. Served by a board of students and faculty input, they put on two full produced concerts each year in University’s events and activities , in which students play the roles of dancers, choreographers, producers and stagehands.
     12). Zarurat Club:-
             “Social interaction is a major aspect of the leisure lifestyle. This is particularly true of adult leisure involvement. In many situations, the social interaction is more significant and        important to the participants than the activity itself”.
     13). Amiscus Curaie:-
            This Club's aims  is about bringing the awareness among people about what is Law and making people a brief phase with their rights as  well  as their duties towards nation and      society, the other objective of the club is to aware people about various social evil issues through - Nukkad Nataks, Skits etc.
     14). Literature Club:-
            Literature Club is brought into existence keeping in mind the literary personality students can develop. Here at JU we have club called “Literature Club” that allows students widen    their horizon and fly in their own imaginative world. Various events and activity are organized throughout the year in this club.
     15). Elation Club:-
            The aim of the Club is to deal with individual's Problem, organise activities that enhances the Abilities, skills and helps in Internal Growth. 
            We Focus on Student Development, provide them with their 2/3/4 year plan (according to course) and inspire.
     16).  Cosec Club:- 
             COSEC is all about to encourage students to contribute to open source projects and providing students with tools and education they need to advance their skills. 
             Our goals are to raise awareness towards increased education and enlighten the knowledge of what, why and how to contribute to open source projects. 
     17). Fashion Club:- 
            The Fashion Club is a place to express artistic freedom in the fashion world. This fashion Clubs will be a place to better yourself, network with others and share ideas with other students and faculty on campus. We will branch ourselves throughout the fashion community on and off campus.
     18). JU-  Makerspace Club:-
            An idea of creating a sound work environment in the university inculcating interest in academics through hands on learning.
     19). Mun Club:-
            It is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students learns about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations