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School of Mass Communication

School of Mass Communication:
The School of Mass Communication offering 3 Years B.A (Journalism and Mass Communication) degree program, and 2 Years M.A (Journalism and Mass Communication) degree program which are approved by University Grants Commission. The Faculty provides students opportunities to practice Journalism in the field of Print, Broadcast & Digital Media covering all dimensions of Journalism and Mass Communication. These program enable students to perform as Journalists with intellect and integrity. By publishing a daily newspaper, producing radio and television news bulletins, uploading interviews of celebrities on our YouTube channel and writing official blogs, writing for digital media platforms, the Department inculcates professional journalistic culture within the  students.
State-of-the Art Media Labs:
The School of Mass Communication is well equipped with state- of-the-art Media labs i.e. TV. Studio, Production Control Room (PCR), Radio Studio, Video Editing Suite and News Room. These Media Labs are established in more than 2200 square feet area having most advanced software and technology. From TV panel discussions to documentary film making, Radio bulletins to daily newspaper publishing, JU media students report, research, shoot and fine-tune diverse media productions. In a way, we work as a proficient media organization. Department was started in 2016 and approaching towards a milestone with learning while doing pedagogy.
Media Entities run by JU Media students:
With the motto, 'We Practice Journalism', JU Media students run their own six media entities i.e. daily newspaper- THE MESSAGE, TV  News bulletin- THE TV TALK, Audio News bulletin- THE VOICE, Youtube Channel- THE COMMUNICATOR, official Blog- ALAAV and Newsportal www. To produce world-class Journalists and Mass Communicators, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) believes in 'Learning while Doing' media pedagogy.



School of Mass Communication offering the following mentioned below programme:-

B.A.- Journalism and Mass Communication.

M.A.- Journalism & Mass Communication.