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Faculty of Hospitality and Hotel Management

Faculty of Hospitality and Hotel Management:
Faculty of Hospitality and Hotel Management (FOHHM) offers a 4years/ 3years intensive programme as Bachelors in Hotel Management and Catering Technology and B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Management enabling you to get exposure to the vast and diverse hospitality industry. BHMCT/ H&HM programmes are planned in the most efficient way to induce the students with intellectual and leadership capabilities enabling them to make a successful career towards managerial roles in the most prestigious and world class organizations both in India as well as around the globe.
The programmes are further designed to make students understand the fundamentals of hotel industry, commercial kitchen operations, and food and beverage service and expose them to the crucial hospitality management concepts focusing on delivering superior performance and value to the hospitality guests. The operational fundamentals are induced amongst students through live practical i.e. demonstrations followed by individual practice and training programme as vocational training, industrial training, on the job training and management training. The programme delivery further includes theory lectures, tutorials, interactive sessions, problem solving, class presentations and case studies. Divisions such as Food & Beverage Service, Rooms Division Management, Kitchen Operations Management, Fundamentals of Management, Marketing Introduction, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Research and Managerial Accounting will be covered in these programmes.


Bachelor of  Hotel Management & Tech. (BHMCT 4 Years)

B.Sc. - Hospitality and Hotel Management

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