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Faculty of Hospitality and Hotel Management

Faculty of Hospitality and Hotel Management:
Faculty of Hospitality and Hotel Management (FOHHM) offers a 4years/ 3years intensive programme as Bachelors in Hotel Management and Catering Technology and B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Management enabling you to get exposure to the vast and diverse hospitality industry. BHMCT/ H&HM programmes are planned in the most efficient way to induce the students with intellectual and leadership capabilities enabling them to make a successful career towards managerial roles in the most prestigious and world class organizations both in India as well as around the globe.
The programmes are further designed to make students understand the fundamentals of hotel industry, commercial kitchen operations, and food and beverage service and expose them to the crucial hospitality management concepts focusing on delivering superior performance and value to the hospitality guests. The operational fundamentals are induced amongst students through live practical i.e. demonstrations followed by individual practice and training programme as vocational training, industrial training, on the job training and management training. The programme delivery further includes theory lectures, tutorials, interactive sessions, problem solving, class presentations and case studies. Divisions such as Food & Beverage Service, Rooms Division Management, Kitchen Operations Management, Fundamentals of Management, Marketing Introduction, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Research and Managerial Accounting will be covered in these programmes.
Hotel Management Laboratory:
The Horizons of the Indian Hospitality industry continues to expand. Today the hospitality industry contributes invaluably to the Indian economy by creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.  JU works on theory “Learning by Doing”. Practical and Live sessions plays an important role to create future managers according to the industry demand. For this School of Hospitality and Hotel Management have vast and well equipped Labs. These includes:
Basic Training Kitchen:
The kitchen is so designed that each student gets an opportunity to do hand on practice on basic cutting, chopping and cooking of various dishes .This kitchen is geared to impart practical knowledge to the first year students who are relatively fresh to the course and require a great deal of emphasis to be laid on development of basic culinary skills in food production.
Quantity Training Kitchen:
This kitchen, as the name suggest is designed for quantity food production/ bulk catering. Quantity food production encompasses the preparation of large quantity of food items ranging from appetizers to curries, roasts, snacks, salads and sweets according to the nutritional value. The latest equipments used in QTK are Grillers, commercial potato peeler, four door refrigerator, hot plate, high pressure burners with stainless steel hood.
Advanced Training Kitchen:
After having adequate knowledge of the basics the students moves onto the specialization of cooking .This involves imparting knowledge and skills required for international cuisines and specialized Indian cuisine.: ATK (Advanced Training Kitchen) designed specifically to cater the necessary requirements of advanced food production.
To impart training in baking and confectionary a modern style bakery is designed in institute. They learn the finer nuances of cake decorations and specialty baked products.
Training Restaurant with Mock Bar:
This facility has been created to impact hands on training to the students in the Food & Beverage Service area. The restaurant and accommodate a seating up to 40 persons and is used for banquet set up also. Also we had setup a mock bar where the students can practice making cocktail and mixing various drinks along with its presentation & service. 
Guest Room:
Students are trained in this room which are specially designed as per the norms & requirement of a star hotel. Hands on training in bed making, upkeep of the rooms & general cleanliness, along with placing of guest supplies and room amenities is given to the students. 
Front Office Lab:
 Front office operations cannot be learnt without hand on practice or live practical sessions. Simulation of real hotel situations related to front office is created for the exposure of the students in this lab. It is equipped with a front office counter & other necessary equipment to give a feel of the department.



The Faculty of Hospitality and Hotel Management offering the following mentioned below programmes:-

Bachelor of  Hotel Management & Tech. (BHMCT).

B.Sc. - Hospitality and Hotel Management (H&HM).