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Faculty of Management

Faculty of Management (FOM):

The pillars of any business are four major functions –Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and Operations. Several Off shoots and specializations over time have developed like IT, Analytics, Retail, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and so on but the primary four are still the core ones without which a business cannot run. Hence at Fculty of Management we offer programs in the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Ph.D. (Doctoral level) so that a management graduate over years gain skills like Analytical ability, Communication Skills, Data Interpretation, Problem Solving, Ability to think logically, Presentation Skills and a holistic perspective of the business world. The degree can also open doors for those with an entrepreneurial instinct who fancy heading their own companies. Self-employment or consultancy would be suitable career options for the entrepreneurial graduates and those who would prefer to use their management skills and knowledge in managing themselves and their own resources.




The Faculty of Management (FOM) offering the following mentioned below programmes:-

  • BBA

BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management

BBA Banking Financial Service and Insurance

BBA Data Analytics and Data Visualization (


Master of Business Administration (MBA) with dual specialisation in the fields of :-

  • Human Resources.
  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Production & Operational Management.
  • Information Technology Management.

MBA- Data Analytics and Data Visualization (

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