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Faculty of Information Technology & Computer Applications (FOIT):

The vision of Faculty of Information Technology (FOIT) is to achieve global standards in quality of Education, Research and Development by adapting the rapid technological advancement and the mission is to provide a high quality Graduates and Post Graduates with personal and professional responsibilities as well as promoting research leadings to innovative projects for the benefits of Industry & Society. The syllabus is based on three years degree courses for Graduate BCA, two years for Post Graduate MCA and two years for M.Sc. (Computer Science) students. The programme is founded on basic mathematics, programming & information technology to emphasize the development of a high degree of technical competence. The degree aims to generate groomed, technically competent and skilled intellectual professionals to meet the current challenges of the modern computing industry. At FOIT , every effort is made to keep pace with modern pedagogical practices and emerging paradigms like MOOC, Moodle, webinars; the tools/ aids for modern teaching; ever-evolving syllabi keeping pace with technological advancement and industry trends.



The Faculty of IT&CA (FOIT) offering the following mentioned below programmes:-