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Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities (FOH):


The guiding focus of the Faculty of Humanities (FoH) at JECRC University is student experience and development. The Faculty of Humanities was established in year 2019 with a long-sought vision of the university’s leaders and thinkers to provide cutting-edge education from introductory to advanced, in the field of Humanities. It started with a mission to enable its students to hone the skills required to fight the challenges of the society. Humanities at JECRC is a liberal, safe and an inclusive space which identifies and nurtures the young leaders of this country giving them ample of opportunities to dream and discover. FoH at JECRC is a rich amalgamation of traditional and unconventional whichscoresadistinctness and creditability.

Why choose FoH JECRC?

Academic curricula at FoH JECRC are developed at par with the international standards. The classroom teaching, research activities and grassroot community engagements prepare our students to not only undertake a challenging academic journey but also be fit for several national and international level competitive examinations. Inter-disciplinary studies are the need of the hour and we have encapsulated this idea, study and approach in our curriculum.

Programs Offered

The FoH offers under-graduate courses in three disciplines:

  • B.A. (Hons.) English
  • B.A. (Hons.) Economics
  • B.A. (Hons.) Psychology

Each program is designed to meet the expectations and need of the current society. The faculties of each program are dedicated to teach academic leadership, criticality of thought, and creativity. 

Department Initiatives:

Department of English strives to bring the synergy of arts and creativity in all possible spheres of life and make it count through multiple channels. The Creativity Cell inculcates the skills of fiction writing, story writing, poetry writing, script writing, content writing, blog writing, storytelling, poetry reading, public speaking, translation etc. The purpose of the Creativity Cell is to simulate interest in creative ideas among students from various departments.

Department of Psychology manages Happiness Cell that works for counseling of students in career related and personal matters. It helps in removing the stress by strengthening the mental health via workshops and innovative techniques of psychodrama activities. The counselors are the experts of Psychology who provide help in dealing with emotional and behavioral problems. Counseling Cell fosters and inculcates life skills to make better adjustments and enrich healthy relationships.

Department of Economics organizes Business Festthat showcases the clash among the most astute and accomplished business brains with diverse managerial capabilities in the field of Marketing, Finance, Analytics and Operations. It promotes learning in major and minor Economic aspects like the rise and fall of price, dealings of share market, auctions, start up plans, etc.

The Faculty of Humanities also hosts a one-week Literary Fest, Wonder of Words which beings the interdisciplinary pedagogy into practice. Various writers, authors, academicians, economist, and social scientists from across the globe gather on the grounds of JECRC and interact with the students on diverse topics.

Internship Cell is FoH’s feather in the cap. We connect the students to several professional avenues to train them in the know-hows and the dynamics of the market.



The Faculty of Humanities (FOH) offering the following mentioned below programmes:-

B.A. (Hons.) English

B.A.-  (Hons.) Economics

B.A.-  (Hons.) Psychology

B.A. (Hons.) Political Science