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Message by Prof. Victor Gambhir, President, JECRC University

President Message

JECRC University Campus
All of us are passing through at esting time due to pandemic and a lot of disruption has happened in the last 24 months in the education canvass of India. Had there been no pandemic, this would have been fantastic period for education sector because of the announcement of New Education Policy 2020 and the initiatives taken by the Government of Indiain digitisation of learning processes, focus on research outcomes, participation of higher education institutions in national and international rankings etc. The blessing in disguise in pandemic times was continuation oftheory classes through online mode, the transition which hasbeen made very smoothly across educational institutions.
JECRCUniversityhas become a brand to reckon with because ofmultiple reasons including committed and qualified teachers,innovation led research culture, state-of-the-art infrastructure including labs, innovation led research environment, incubationand start-ups ecosystem, exemplary placement records on year to year basis, and overall highly committed and energeticstudents,whoremainonthefrontandaccepteachandeverychallengeof qualitylearning.
We,atJECRCUniversitystronglybelievethatwhenastudentgraduatesfromauniversity,theremustbeanaffirmativechangeinher/hisknowledge,skills,behaviourandattitudeinsuchamannerthatshe/heispreparedintaketheworkresponsibilityattheemployer'sendheadon.Theentireteachinglearningeco-systeminJECRCUniversityhasbeendesignedkeeping this principle inmind.  Theaboveconvictionanditstronglyreflectsinthecurriculum,andoutsidetheclassactivities.ThereisacompletefocusonOutcomeBasedEducationandProjectBasedLearning.
OnceyoutakeadmissioninJECRCUniversitypleasebeassuredthatyouwillbeontherighttrackofyourcareer–building,provided you are committed and career-oriented. Without repeating the strengths ofJECRC University which are reflected in thisAdmissionBrochure,Icanassureyouthatyouwillenjoyyourjourneywithusandachievewhatevergoalsyousetforyourself.
Shri Krishna in Shloka 8 – 12 in Chapter 13 in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita defines KNOWLEDGE as under:
Humility; pridelessness; nonviolence; tolerance; simplicity; approaching a bona fide spiritual master; cleanliness steadiness; self-control; renunciation of the objects of sense gratification; absence of false ego; the perception of the evil of the birth, death, old age and disease; detachment; freedom from entanglement with children, wife, home and the rest; even-mindedness amid pleasant and unpleasant events; constant and unalloyed devotion to Me; aspiring to live in a solitary place; detachment from the general mass of people; accepting the importance of self-realization; and philosophical search for the Absolute Truth - all these I declare to be KNOWLEDGE and besides this whatever there may be is IGNORANCE.

I welcome you to JECRC University for the quest of KNOWLEDGE. Come and Build Your World. 

Prof. Victor Gambhir.
President, JECRC University, Jaipur.