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Research @ JU

Research Culture at JECRC University

“Expanding minds with Research”:-

Research is not an option at JECRC University, Research is the soul here. Research has imbibed with each of the academic initiatives at JU and perfectly reflects as deeply rooted culture. That is nurture through the strong intent to serve the society with better solutions. No wonder, 61 Ph.D. degrees are granted till so far at JU. The reason behind precise pace of research is to let it get thoroughly reviewed by the experts and let it strengthen the future scope of research in the field.

High Quality Focused Research:-

Since its inception JECRC University is on a strong mission to support the high-quality, objective research and analysis on issues at the top of the national and international policy agendas. We at the JECRC University we are proud of that reputation, we build through this focused research agenda. We are also proud of the ways by which we ensure that our research outcomes and solutions reflect our core values of quality and objectivity.

Quality research at university is part of a programmatic plan to develop, organize, and execute a research agenda that might include creating collaborations within or across disciplines, mentoring students, creating and leading centers, or building toward larger or systemic questions. 

Independent of the means or venue of dissemination, it is a mandate for the researchers at JU to develop a clear vision about the research areas and its impact in the discipline and, potentially, on the world in long run. Impact could be assessed by the contribution to the field in the form of citations, commercialization including patents and licensing, or other signs of attention. Impact in the world may be the most difficult to measure but ultimately is the most important. The value of research is that it impacts lives (both directly and indirectly).

Research Across Campus:-

Research opportunities for under/post graduate levels through Projects, Live Industrial Projects, Collaborated Research, Seminars & Internships:

Undergraduate/graduate research experiences at JECRC University helps students to understand a particular topic or phenomenon in a field while simultaneously strengthening their comprehension of research and research methods. Undergraduate research is inquiry-based learning that involves practicing a discipline, not just being told about it. Students learn and apply the tools by which knowledge is created in their disciplines.

JECRC University is rising up at the center of one of the most vibrant hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in the state. To make our community the world’s most stimulating and supportive academic environment for innovation, we offer classes, mentorship, guidance, and recourses tailored for students, faculties, alumni and entrepreneurs. We also cultivate the strength of our regional innovation ecosystem, in part through an ambitious and strong redevelopment initiative. Undergraduate/graduate research projects at JU are designed to fit a variety of class constructs and to promote engaged student learning at all levels of undergraduate courses. Undergraduate research projects are student initiated and being implemented with the help of class-based activities (naturalistic observation, surveys, quantitative writing assignments and experiments), Summer Internship Projects and 6 months Internships in the final year of the Undergraduate courses.

Doctoral Research at JU:-

More than 100 Ph.D. scholars are enrolled under various faculties of the University broadly. Research at JU at doctoral level is controlled by University Research Protocol Committee to provide guidance and oversight and to ensure regulatory compliance and overall scientific integrity with the myriad of policies, laws and regulations that govern research. In a world increasingly propelled by technology, University’s doctoral research is the foundation of any nation’s economic and academic growth. It is also foundation of future development and sustainable progress. Hence at JU, we are committed to the deliver quality research which provides a fertile setting for proactive research in to the range of scientific and technological achievements.

University is engaged in cutting-edge research themes in areas as diverse as following:    

  1.  Artificial intelligence 
  2.  Cyber security 
  3.  5G Mobile technology 
  4.  Wireless communication 
  5.  Internet of things 
  6.  Microbiology
  7.  Biotechnology
  8.  Nanotechnology
  9.  Power system
  10.  Green Chemistry
  11.  Water Chemistry
  12.  Biodegradable Polymers
  13.  Corrosion studies
  14.  Dyes removal from water
  15.  Heavy metals and Fluoride removal
  16.  Bibliometric Studies
  17.  Medicinal and Herbal plants
  18.  Water remediation 
  19.  Drug design
  20.  Molecular designing
  21.  Plant and tissue culture
  22.  Medicinal plants chemistry
  23.  Fluid dynamics
  24.  Mathematical modeling
  25.  Quantum physics
  26.  Solar physics
  27.  Antennas
  28.  Supply chain management

Research Publications at JU:-

JECRC University promotes the faculty to publish their researches in the Scopus/ Web of Science or PubMed/Indian Citation Index journals only. The below Scopus cite plot indicates the exponential growth of the research publications of the faculty members of JECRC University.


 The JECRC University encourages the faculty members for their research oriented approach; the faculty members keep trying to publish their research articles. They have the aptitude to publish their researches in the form of articles, books or chapters in the books and also execute their research aptitude by attending the conferences thus publishing their articles in the conference proceedings as well.

The plot below reflects the same by showing the number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers in national/international conference-proceedings:

Research Facilities:-  Encouraging and sustaining innovation and research in regular academics of the institution requires a sturdy administrative courage and strong concern for academic excellence and JU has continuously evinced it through its functioning and research facilities. The central library of the university is very rich in its contents to facilitate research. Every school has its own library too at JU with the latest reference /text books, journals, and case lets in print and electronic form both. Internet access is provided to the library by the way of campus networking and getting connected to INFLBNET.

Extension activities can be seen in the various means of disseminating the experiences and research output of the faculties and students. JU provides various platforms in the form of organizing National & International level conferences & workshops. JU also has state of the art Maker’s Space to nourish creativity and innovation at the campus. Regular expert panel discussions and talks pave a strong way to strengthen the research eco system at JU.   

Government / Industry Funded Projects & Excellence Centers:-

Externally Funded Research Projects are another powerful way to strengthen the research eco system at JU. Faculties at JU are engaged in working on various prestigious Government/Industry sponsored projects and nurturing excellence centers in the research areas. 

The largest and most important of these agencies are the Department of Science and Technology (DST), which awards research grants in the broad area of ??natural sciences and technology through calls for proposals. The same applies to the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), which specifically promotes research and offers research funding in the field of life sciences. Other prestigious such agencies are ICSSR, DRDO, ICHR, ICPR, DAAD, Mytie & many more.

Here are the glimpses of externally funded research projects at JECRC University

  1.   JU Women Technology Park sanctioned by DST, GOI

Research Projects: 35 Million and 4 Million worth Government Funded Projects and Industry Funded Projects respectively have been credited to faculty and students. The Rural Women Technology Park (RWTP) established at JECRC University supports nine Self Help Groups of Goner and Saligrampura villages. Five faculties have been awarded with the country's most prestigious fellowship – Women Scientist A. JECRC University organized ten Subject Expert Committee Meetings of 'Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-A)' of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, National Science and Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS). More than 9.5 million (INR 95 lakh) grant has been provided from DST for these meetings.

  1.    JU – Biotechnology Business Incubator  by DST, Rajasthan

Biotechnology is blooming in Rajasthan with new innovative ideas of young minds. More than eight innovative ideas have already been incubated with JU-BBI. The incubation center is governed by Society for innovation and incubation (SII). The motive of society is to inculcate entrepreneur skills with budding creative minds. The scheme notions are Herbotablet, Biotea/Herbal tea, Biodegradable batteries, Young birds, Herbal medicines, Herbal beauty and Rural Gold.

  1.     DST DAAD 2019 Indo German Joint Collaboration funded by DST, GOI

JECRC University, Jaipur has been a bystander of the successful visit of Prof. Gerald Drager, Director, REBIRTH Unit Functionalized Polymers and Rengenerative Agents with his research scholar Ms. Friederike in the context of Indo German DST-DAAD 2019 Joint collaborative project of worth ten lakhs sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology New Delhi. The academic collaboration with German partners from Leibniz University Hannover, Germany coordinated by Professor Dr.EktaMenghani, Department of Biotechnology, JECRC University, Jaipur (India) with the German partner Prof.Dr. Andreas Kerschning.-DAAD 2019.

  1.    Green Chemistry Frontiers funded by DST, GOI

Prof. Sanjay K. Sharma bagged a major research project on Green Chemistry under the auspices of NSTMIS, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

  1.    ISRO Exhibition under auspices of DST, GOI

Ms. Komal Joshi, Incubation Manager and Head, JU Alumni Association has been sanctioned with a project named “Exhibition cum Scientific Ecosystem for Rural Rajasthan” under the auspices of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine (STEMM)- India Initiative (Bharat VigyanDarshan) for the popularization of Science and Technology. In this project, JECRC University would provide a face to ISRO Exhibition of satellites and space innovations to more than 15000 school students of Rajasthan.

  1.     TIDE by MeitY, GoI

JECRC University has received the sanction of project "Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE)" for a grant. of INR 3.1 Crores from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India. This project was jointly submitted by Dr. Manish Jain and Ms. Komal Joshi.

  1.   STI by DST, Delhi

JECRC University has received sanction from the Department of Science and Technology (DST, Delhi) for the project "SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION HUB IN JAIPUR DISTRICT, RAJASTHAN" for a grant worth INR 3.5 Crores. This interdisciplinary project was submitted by Prof. Sapna Sharma as Principal Investigator and Prof. Ekta Menghani, Prof. Naveen Hemrajani, Ms. Shivani Kaushik, Dr. Varsha Gupta, Mr. Mukesh Agarwal and Dr. Manish Jain as Co-Principal Investigator. Out of the hundreds of proposals received by DST, only 20 were called for presentation at Gurugram wherein the team of Prof. Sapna Sharma and Prof. Ekta Menghani rendered a wonderful presentation and bagged this project. The project comprises low cost herbal Tie and Dye methodologies generation, innovative techniques for Gem and Jewellery making equipment, scientific validation and documentation of Traditional Knowledge and App-based Puppet Learning. This first of its kind project proposes to constructively affect the livelihood of more than 1200 underprivileged people from the SC Community of Jaipur and Sirohi.

 Protection of Intellectual Property at JU:- 

The model guidelines on implementation of IPR policy in Academic Institution, has been prepared by Cell for IPR Promotion & Management (CIPAM) in India. Following such national guidelines at JECRC University the IPCurate Lab provides a platform for students and faculties to protect their ideas in the form of patents, Designs, Copyrights & Trade marks. IPCurate Lab is designed to build a sustainable research and innovation environment. The ultimate goal of protecting IP is to promote student-led startups and ventures to nurture and respect intellectual property under the guidance of academic and research experts of the university.