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JU Maker Space

MAKERSPACE is a gravitating concept in India which provides students a platform to showcase their innovatory ideas and turn them into reality. Rajasthan’s first Makerspace was unfurled in JECRC University and was inaugurated by Mr. Hastikaji, Vice president, TCS on 16th August 2018 JU MAKERSPACE is collaborative work areas packed with equipment and tools where students with a bend for invention and innovation can come together under one roof to build, design, create and engineer new things, products, ideas etc.. JU MAKERSPACE welcomes people, irrespective of their education qualifications, age or gender as there are only afew such facilities open in India. A handful of equipment and tools are present, including the rare digital oscilloscope, common ICs and transistors.

With the completion of almost three and a half years since the establishment of the MAKERSPACE, it has been growing progressivelyfrom just one student to seventy students, and all belonging to different streams. In addition to that, it is North India’s first Student driven Makerspace community. In JU Makerspace students practise their hands on many different things like 3D modelling, Robotics, electronics, Wood working, art, prop making, etc. It works on only one ideology, limitation to a student is his own imagination.

JECRC University is equipped with latest technology, Big 3D Printer at STI hub JU,it can print objects of size 1 meter X 1 meter X 1 meter (1 meter cube).

Achievements/ Events / Activities

JU Maker Space organized “3D PRINTING WORKSHOP” for inhouse Faculties & Staff. The objective of the Workshop was to introduce the faculties about the Maker Space Culture.


JU Maker Space took an initiative to organize a MINI-MAKER CARNIVAL for the makers that let the students flaunt their innovative & cool projects. The students made in total 15 projects and showcased them to the public.


Amid Pandemic JU Maker Space launched #Save_The_Saviours Initiative which was applauded by Hon’ble CM of Rajasthan, Sh. Ashok Gehlot on his social media handles.

In the initiative JU Makerspace had committed itself towards manufacturing 5000+ face shields for hospitals of Delhi NCR to help our doctors, paramedics & sanitation workers so that they protect them from infection as they fight it out on the frontline.


These work was much-admired by various National Newspapers





JU MAKER SPACE conducted online workshop “Summer with Makerspace” during lockdown period in which JU Makerspace conducted a series of free online workshops on thetechnologies like Python, Arduino, Machine Learning, Web Development, 3-D Printing, Control Algorithms.


Innologue: An Innovation Talk Series

In order to make development a comprehensive mass movement in higher education and foster innovation culture on all fronts, JECRC Innovation Cell Conducted Online Lecture series Innologue - An Innovation Talk Seriesduring lockdown June-August 2020, with the Innologue, JECRC aspire to connect with the luminaries, networks of community groups, corporate sectors, technocrats, activists and innovators who have been innovating grassroots solutions for social arenas and environmental sustainability, guiding the budding innovators manage to look at problems differently and come up with solutions providing an endless stream of value. Following is the brief summary of Session Conducted by Innovation Cell.

 S. No.   Innolouge No. Date   Name of the Speaker Designation Company
  1. Innolouge 1 25th June 2020 Mr. AkashKhurana Global VP, Chief Info Officer, Chief Digital Officer McDermott
  2. Innolouge 2 30th June 2020 Mr. Feroz Khan Partner & Head - Digital Advisory KPMG India
  3. Innolouge 3 7th July 2020 Dr. SumitChoudhary Corporate CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Public Speaker Corporate CEO
  4. Innolouge 4 17th July 2020 Dr. RamananRamanathan Mission Director ATAL INNOVATION MISSION NITI AAYOG
  5. Innolouge 5 20th July 2020 Mr. Anil Bhasin President Havells
  6. Innolouge 6 24th July 2020 Mr. Nikhil Malhotra Global Head of Innovation Tech Mahindra
  7. Innolouge 7 14 th Aug 2020 Mr. Monish Suri Partners & Innovation - Global Insights & Data Capgemini

JU Maker Space and JU ECell, conducted Ideathon 2021, which was held exclusively for First year students. The purpose of Ideathon was to keep innovation and entrepreneurship running in novice minds. In this event, 300+ JECRC freshmen participated to showcase and present their innovative ideas.

Winners were awarded with cash prizes and further supported by JU Maker’s Space and JECRC Incubation Centre to convert the ideas into viable products/business.


JU Maker Space has tied up with 'Makers Lab', an initiative by Tech Mahindra. The tie up would strengthen JECRC students with latest and prevailing technological skills like Agritech, Defense, IOT, and AI/ML. And, this has also leadedto opportunities for students such as Innovative Internships and Collaborative Research and Projects with Tech Mahindra.


JECRC University has equipped with latest technology Big 3 D Printer at STI Hub JU and It can print objects of size 1 meter X 1 meter X 1 meter (1 meter cube). JUMakerspace got this opportunity to have 3D printing session with Lata Shree 3D creation.The objective of the Workshop was to introduce students about the 3D printing technology.


1). Amid Covid Pandemic in month of April 2021, JU Maker Space students have made two significant innovations to solve the problem of social distancing and wearing a mask           namely Social Distance Badge Face Mask Detector.

     This work was much-admiredand published in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper and run in various National News Channel Like ABP News, News Nation, News 18 and ETV India.

News Coverage by Various Prominent Electronic Media Channels



2). Wall-E–Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth: This Project aims to create a robot based on the character Wall-E from the movie “Wall-E” as much similar as possible in design and intelligence to the wall-e character in the movieto keep up with garbage pile-up.

3). Robotic Arm: It is a programmable mechanical arm similar to human arm that can be used for plenty purposes like moving or gripping things and it can be used in medical tasks for       operation that need accuracy and last long time.

4). 2-D Plotter: plotter that offers the fastest way to efficiently produce very large drawings. This tiny machine can draw any image uploaded from PC.

5). Ornithopter: It is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings. The goal is to achieve robust intelligence for tasks such as search and indoor navigation.

6). Laser Harp: A laser harp is an electronic musical user interface and laser lighting display. It projects several laser beams played by the musician by blocking them to produce sounds, visually reminiscent of a harp.

7). LED Cube: A 3D grid of small LEDs that is used to create a light-show.It can be used as a decoration piece or used with other equipment like microphones or motion sensors for various applications.

8). 3D printed Drone: A remote-controlled pilotless aircraftthat can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems,              working in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS.