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Industrial Relations and Consultancy Cell at JECRC University

Industrial Relations and Consultancy Cell at JECRC University:

The University has a strong relationship with the industry and continues to liaison with different industry bodies.  The faculties are encouraged to take consultancy projects with the industries and the students participate in these projects. Frequent seminars and conferences are held and participated with the linkages of these institutions.

Objectives of the cell are as follow:

a) To create and maintain database for expertise of the University faculty and facility by getting inputs from respective faculty/departments.

b) To explore avenues for industrial consultancy vis a vis expertise of the University faculty.

c) To act as a facilitating center in providing assistance for the faculty members of the University in communicating with the external agencies.

d) To enter into agreement, sign documents and authenticate records on behalf of the University as authorized by the competent authority.

We at JECRC University aim to offer the best to all of our stakeholders – Students, Faculties, Industries and partners. We wish to be the most preferred learning destination by all of them. We are proud that we impart the relevant skills and knowledge to the budding engineers through our very able teaching staff. What extra are we providing to the stakeholders:

To the Students:

1. Value addition -apart from the curriculum.

2. Providing relevant Industry interaction.

3. Fine tune the overall personality of the students.

4. Providing best employment opportunities.

5. Exposure to various opportunities to stay updated about latest trends and technologies.

To the Teaching Staff:

1. Value addition by relevant industry interaction.

2. Providing a conducive environment for R&D projects.

3. Opportunity to be in touch with latest trends and technologies.

4. Opportunity to work with industries on live projects.

5. Opportunity to give consultancy to industries.

To the Industries and other partners:

1. Providing the most employment ready and sincere Engineers.

2. Providing support and workforce for projects.

3. Providing consultancy on specialized topics.

4. Providing Labs for R&D work or other projects.

5. Incubation center