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IPR Cell, JU

IPR Cell, JU

The IPR Cell, JU has been established in 2020. The aim of the IPR Cell, JU is to propagate awareness on the intellectual property among the researchers and teachers of the university by organizing Workshops, Seminars and Training ProgramsIPR Cell, JU also facilitates the researchers in obtaining and enforcing IPRs in the form of patents, copyrights, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, etc. The entire project of IPR Cell, JU is financed by the JECRC University and provides 100% financial assistance to the IP creators of the university in patent filing.

This initiative of Intellectual property protection is conceived in the light of NEP2020 where Research is suggested to be one of the core missions of the prime universities in India. Aligning the vision of the university with the NEP2020 the following initiatives has been taken and now turned into a regular practice to curate more intellectual property at JU.

Centre for Learning & Development

During the pandemic in 2020 education industry has been through with lots of transformation and changed expectations with NEP2020. To meet the expectations of the industry the leadership of the institution came with the Centre for Learning & Development at JU.

The Centre for Learning & Development aims to provide Capacity Building Programs for the teaching and non-teaching stakeholders through hands-on training and workshops to conduct better research and produce even more efficient scholars in the multidimensional fields. The trainings and workshops under the name “Dronacharya” allow the participants to learn the practical and intellectual aspects of a highly skilled academic occupation; acquire necessary skills and attitudes to enhance the teaching learning experiences at the university. With this initiative not only the participants gain the expertise to shine in their academic fields, but also create the best scholars from JECRC University.

IPCurate Lab at JECRC University

Objective of IPR Cell, JU

  • To provide a single window interference system for all IPR related issues through IPR Cell, JU.
  • To urge the entire JECRC University members to document their IP, so that it could be protected & applied to the gain of the country, JECRC & the concerned inventors.
  • To protect the IP generated in JECRC University from the scientific tasks/projects/experiments and offer a scope for wealth generation.
  • To provide legal support, wherever necessary, to defend and protect the IP Rights obtained by the JECRC University against infringements/ any unauthorized use.
  • To create an environment for acquiring new knowledge through innovation and research, compatible with the educational vision and mission of JECRC University.
  • Enabling JECRC University to secure sponsored research funding at all levels of research.
  • To promote more collaborations between academia and industry through better clarity on IP ownership and IP licensing.

IPR Cell Policy of JECRC University

Academic and Research Institutions are concerned with successfully managing projects and research initiatives and the protection of their IP Rights which will benefit all the stake holders. The IPR Cell at JU is governed by the University Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

Highlights of the Policy

  • JECRC University, Jaipur shall be the owner, with the creators specially stated as inventors for all the intellectual property inventions, software designs and specimens created by the creators who include regular faculty members, research scholars, students and those who make use of the resources of the University.
  • Right to be in joint name:- The patent shall be taken in the joint names of the University and the inventor.
  • The inventor may retain ownership if the IP is developed without use of University resources and time.
  • The expenses in connection with the registration of any I.P.R. shall be borne by the University.
  • Any profit accruing from the patent shall be shared between the University and the inventor as per policy.
  • The person responsible for the invention or discovery shall render free service to the University in connection with the exploitation of the patent. The terms on which patents may be offered for exploitation shall be determined solely by the University.
  • The University faculty and students may publish their research outputs provided that are not copyrightable/ patentable intellectual property.
  • The process to be followed for filing a patent has been explicitly defined in the policy, and is to be followed for an efficient process.