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Global Outreach Cell- IAESTE LC JECRC

Global Outreach Cell- IAESTE LC JECRC:-

With the increasing globalization the world is achieving with each passing day, the field of higher education also requires global exposure. We need to develop a global approach that can address the issues pertaining to scientific discovery and encourage a mechanism to work collaboratively to produce the maximum output of the educational and training efforts by all the different universities around the globe. Recognizing the need to mark our global presence, JECRC University established a Global Outreach Cell comprising of the experienced and internationally recognized academicians dedicated to meet the global challenges working collaboratively so as to effectively train the future scientists and engineers of the nation. As businesses go global, so does the need to find the talent well versed in the multicultural environment in order to effectively learn and work in manufacturing and research enterprises located in different countries. Below mentioned are few students already pursuing their career abroad:

Objectives of JU-GOC:

The GOC at JU aims to provide a platform for faculty and students to engage in bilateral exchange programs form foreign institutions of higher education to work together on research projects, training in new system and technology and to develop new teaching and research methodologies.

Long-term objectives:

1. Organize visits of embassy and consulates staffs from New Delhi.

2. Visiting professorship programme: DAAD, Nehru-Fulbright fellow.

3. To start collaborations for faculty, students and academic exchange with reputed universities abroad to promote educational excellence at JU.

An approach to develop a global alliance:

1. Provides a platform for faculty and students to engage in bilateral exchange programs for foreign institutions of higher education.

2. Work together on the important research projects, training in new systems and technologies.

3. Organizing international conferences to have a dialogue about the current R&D.

4. Develop and implement new teaching and research methodologies focused on industry requirements.


  Name of the Student

  Name of Organization


  Jai Talwar

  Wieden + kennedy, US


  Chirag Shah

  New York University, New York



  Wieden + kennedy, US



  University of Texas, Dallas



  University of Texas, Arlington


  Akshar Soni

  FAU Erlangen- Nümberg, Germany


  Prekshit Suthar

  Vrije Universitiet Brussels



The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, Association sans but lutacrif (non-profit association), commonly known as IAESTE. It is an independent association of national committees representing academic, industrial and student interests. IAESTE provides students with the opportunity to work with employers having highly skilled, motivated trainees for long or short term projects and has helped over 300,000 students of science, engineering, technology and applied arts subjects to gain valuable international work experience in over 90 member countries. IAESTE India currently has 4 Local Committees including IAESTE India LCJECRC.


IAESTE India LC JECRC is the flagship international exchange program of JECRC University. It was established in the year 2014 with the hopes of providing the students with the best of international internships and it has done so. Being established in 2014, IAESTE INDIA LC JECRC has grown rapidly thus becoming the fastest growing LC. The journey started with its initial 11 paid internships in 2014-15. In 2016-17, an increase of 57.14% was seen in exchange offers. With an exchange ratio of 81.6% of the total offers at present, it displayed a growth rate of 290% in exchanges performed in 2016-17 as compared to 2015-16. IAESTE INDIA LC JECRC has hosted 149 international incoming and outgoing interns across 25+ countries in its journey so far since 2014-19. The aim of IAESTE India LC JECRC is to continue performing at the top level and strive towards excellence.


IAESTE INDIA LC JECRC provides exposuretothestudents.ItwasstartedasaProbationalLocalCommitteeinJECRCUniversity.BeingunderobservationofNationalCommitteeofIndiafor4years, LC JECRC was declared as a permanent Local Committee in 2017. It is an autonomous body of IAESTE India now. It also came up with the innovative idea of In-house Internships. These internships provide the members of IAESTE India LC JECRC to intern along with the international interns in the campus of the University itself. This is an amazing opportunity for the students who are unable to grab an international internship.

From a probational to a permanent Local Committee, IAESTE India LC JECRC has witnessed an extraordinary journey in just five years.All these achievements are motivation to be humble and dedicated towards reaching even greater milestones in the future. Join IAESTE today and become a part of our wonderful family!