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Zarurat- Pre Rhythm Event-17.

All's well that ends well!
If the starting was so rocking, what will be the finale like...??
Zarurat students nailed the Pre-Rhythm Event completely. The small buds owned the stage and showcased their cloaked talents like dance, poem recitation, etc. 
The mime play by Abhivyakti Club, the singing performance by the Swaraag Club were like a cherry on the cake. 
Shri. O.P. Gahlotra- Additional Director General of Police cum Director , Rajasthan Police Academy, was the Chief Guest of the event.
Shri M.L. Sharma, Mr. Vineet Agrawal, Dr. D.P. Mishra, Shri P.K. Tiwari, Shri S.L. Agrawal, Shri S.N. Gupta, Shri Ram Rattan and many more gave constant support by their warm presence throughout the event.
The hard work of the Zarurat students really shined through!