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JU Food Fest'17, Day-1.

An innovative & unique thought process added to the golden pages of JECRC University, a new trend has been set up. A 5-day long food festival named "JU Food Fest" has been introduced offering the flavors of 5 different cultures to our taste buds! 
Day 1 was a blockbuster!- 
The festival was inaugurated by Chef Japvir Vohra. The Rajasthani speech by Shri Amit Agrawal- Vice Chairman, JECRC University brought the students closer to the Rajasthani theme.
The School of Design worked day and night to make the theme a great success by decorating the mess like a Rajasthani bride and the students of Hotel Management also worked really hard and had put up various food stalls.
The Rajasthani cuisine, decoration, atmosphere won everyone's hearts.