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JECRC University Campus.

Planning and development of the JECRC University Campus underscores our belief in creation of a sound infrastructure for both learning and living. The JECRC University has excellent academic and residential facilities that make up a vibrant campus. The style of the buildings is unique with large rectangular and linear structures dotted around the 32 acre campus with large courtyards. It has been designed keeping in mind the climatic conditions, still connecting the past with modern and contemporary design. The concept of the JU building and landscape is to create an environment with liveliness as a playground for dreams and a place for inspiration to the students.

The campus is built to bring together world class experience which truly represents the character of the University. This commitment reflects in everything that you see here architecture and layout, landscaping, training and technology infrastructure, residential and recreational facilities. The design of the campus demarcating different zones – Residential, Public Buildings and the Academic Blocks - breaks the monotony with a transitional space and experience. A striking highlight of the campus is the classical-style exposed brick-wall buildings with sun-lit and well ventilated interiors which divulge a monumental structure. The cavity wall exposed brick concept ensures that the building gives a temperature difference of almost 8 to 10 degrees between the indoor and the outdoor temperature. Adding to the social aspect of green movement, natural materials like traditional Kota and Jodhpur stones are used. The identity of the campus is large courtyards between the buildings and the presence of more than 90 different species of plantation around the campus. At JU, students may choose to live in the residential housing at the campus itself, soaking in the vibrant neighborhood or they can live off campus as paying guests in the city area. The campus is built to bring experience of belongingness which truly represents the character of the University.