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Believe it or not Protsahan'18 was entirely a Student Driven and Student orientated event with a participation of 4300+ Students from all across Jaipur and the success of it is well worded by media.
This Event was not limited to fragment the sports skills amongst the students but also helped the students introducing themselves to the world of new age essentials such as 3D Printing and Entrepreneurship.
Numerous Events of Protsahan'18 were lined up Major attractions being sports events such as Football, American Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Start Up Workshop, Man Ki Baat,  The Inspire Series- 1, Jewellery Design, Quiz Competition, Master Chef JU, Drawing Competition, Chess and many more. All the participants of sports team are full of zeal which is well seen on the ground and little Master Chefs too have filled the room with aroma of mouth watering food.
In the last 2 Days, the Whole City Schools made a beeline to JU. 4378 students from 79 Schools had participated enthusiastically in 22 different events.
The Valedictory Ceremony has been ended with lots of Prizes given to the Winners of each events.
Thank you everyone for making this event count.