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Department of Hospitality


School of Hospitality offers a 4 years / 3 years intensive programme as Bachelors in Hotel Management and Catering Technology and B.Sc. in Hospitality enabling you to get exposure to the vast and diverse hospitality industry. BHMCT / B.Sc. in H&HM programmes are planned in the most efficient way to induce the students with intellectual and leadership capabilities enabling them to make a successful career towards managerial roles in the most prestigious and world class organizations both in India as well as around the globe.

The programmes are further designed to make students understand the fundamentals of hotel industry, commercial kitchen operations, and food and beverage service and expose them to the crucial hospitality management concepts focusing on delivering superior performance and value to the hospitality guests. The operational fundamentals are induced amongst students through live practical i.e. demonstrations followed by individual practice and training programme as vocational training, industrial training, on the job training and management training. The programme delivery further includes theory lectures, tutorials, interactive sessions, problem solving, class presentations and case studies. Divisions such as Food & Beverage Service, Rooms Division Management, Kitchen Operations Management, Fundamentals of Management, Marketing Introduction, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Research and Managerial Accounting will be covered in these programmes.


B.Sc. Hospitality and Hotel Management - 3 Year

BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology) - 4 Year


Attachment: B.Sc. (HHM) Syllabus



Faculty Name Designation Qualification Profile Photo
Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh Professor & Director DHMCT, B.Com. MBA, UGC-NET, Ph.D Dr Hemant Kumar Singh
Chef Kingshuk Pal Instructor 3 year Diploma from IHM Bhopal Chef Kingshuk pal
Mr. Nitesh Chitara Assistant Professor-II UGC NET Qualified, MTTM, MHA, BHM Mr. Nitesh Chitara
Dr. Anshul Garg Assistant Professor-I BHMCT, MBA-HR & Marketing, Ph.D Dr. Anshul Garg


Program Outcome (PO’s)

A graduate of Hospitality and Hotel Management Program will demonstrate:

PO1: Performs work activities effectively and efficiently to the standards expected in the operation required in the tourism industry/hospitality sectors.

PO2: Undertakes task, functions, duties and activities in the operation of the hotels, restaurants, travel, government and non-government agencies in accordance with the competency standards.

PO3: Analyses situation, identifies problems, formulates solutions and implements corrective and/or mitigating measures and action management into foodservice and lodging operations.

PO4. Demonstrate the ability to develop, examine, question, and explore perspectives or alternatives to problems in hospitality operations.

PO5: Demonstrate the ability to use professional written and oral communication skills and technology to successfully communicate.

PO6: Demonstrate awareness, understanding and skills necessary to live and work in a diverse world.

 PO7: Practice professional ethics, provide leadership, demonstrate personal and global responsibility, and work effectively as a team member.

The student outcomes are:

  1. Utilize interpersonal skills to lead/manage first-level employees in a hospitality setting.
  2. Perform cost calculations and apply them to decision-making situations.
  3. Evaluate food safety and sanitation to maintain a safe and sanitary work environment. Create an attractive and well-designed menu with consideration given to effective costing and pricing principles.
  4. Complete and evaluate the data generated from a hotel night audit.
  5. Develop a professional marketing brochure for a lodging operation.
  6. Forecast sales and expenses in a variety of hospitality businesses.
  7. Create a resume and cover letter that effectively highlight skills sought by potential employers.
  8. Achieve national certification as a Serve Safe Food Protection Manager.
  9. Schedule employees with consideration given to budgets, sales forecasts, and customary labour practices.


BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology)

Program Educational Objective (PEO’s):

 A graduate of the Hotel Management Program should:

  1. To train and develop students to be leaders in hotel and food and beverage management through industry immersion and national and international linkages;
  2. To intensify student`s knowledge and skills with instruction based on international standards;
  3. To produce quality graduates with balanced knowledge, skills and industry exposure in catering, hotel and management;
  4. To demonstrate community involvement
  5. To conduct researches concerning hotel and restaurant development program.


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Our team of hospitality experts have extensive international hospitality experience, covering a wide range of areas and services to help achieve sound financial results and returns with hotel investment.


FHH offer hotel management, asset optimization and revenue management services for Independent Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Lifestyle Resorts, Luxury B&B’s, Design Hostels, and innovative lodging concepts.
The areas of expertise of our hotel management team and consultants include:
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  • Hospitality Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management, Finance & Cost Control
  • Hospitality Asset Management, Pre-Opening Management, Branding & Positioning
  • Hospitality Concept Development, cloud kitchens, casual and fine dining