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Department of Chemistry



To Provide an Excellent Academic Environment that Motivates and Inspires Students to Become Globally Relevant in the Field of Research and Teaching in Chemical Sciences.


  • To Provide Relevant Education in Chemical Sciences both at Undergraduate and Graduate levels.
  • To Carry out Substantial Research and Scholarly Work with Relevance to Contemporary Problems Facing Society and Industry.
  • To Build Foundation for Development of the Institution as a Premier Institution, by Nurturing Enthusiasm and Passion for the Study of Chemistry.


The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2012 and since its inception it has been working as a center of teaching and learning at JECRC University, Jaipur. The Department offers B.Sc. (Honors) at the undergraduate level and M.Sc. (Chemistry), and Ph.D. programs at the postgraduate level. The department is enriched with highly qualified, experienced and dynamic faculty members with expertise in research in Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Environmental Chemistry. Faculty of Department have received various awards and felicitations for academic excellence at National Level and also honored with the memberships of prestigious professional bodies like Royal Society of Chemistry, American chemical society, Indian Chemical Society etc.


Chemistry Department Academic Program Structure


  1. B.Sc. Pass Course
  2. M.Sc. Chemistry
  3. Ph. D. Chemistry

Courses Offered in Other Schools:

  • Engineering Chemistry - For all Branches of Engineering
  • Chemistry for B.Sc. Physics & Mathematics (Hons.) Students


Attachment 1: B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons.) Syllabus

Attachment 2: B.Sc. Chemistry (Pass Course) Syllabus

Attachment 3: M.Sc. Chemistry Syllabus


Faculty Name Designation Qualification Experience Research Area Publications / Patents Profile Photo
Prof. (Dr.) Sonu Pareek Professor & Head M.Sc. NET(CSIR), Ph.D. (University of Rajasthan), PG Diploma in Environmental Sciences from University of Rajasthan 22 Years Synthesis and Biological Assay of Organophosphorus Compounds
Water Quality Analysis and Bio Remeadiation.
Research Publications: 10, Books Published: 05, Papers presented in Conferences: 40
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay K. Sharma Professor & Dean Research M.Sc. Ph.D (University of Rajasthan) 22 Years Green Chemistry, Heavy Metals Removal by Bio-sorption, Biopolymers and Green Corrosion Inhibition Research Publications – 101, Books Published - 25, Patent Published: 02

Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)[Membership Number: 442890
Member of American Chemical Society (USA) [Membership Number: 2441639]
Fellow of Indian Council of Chemists [Fellowship Number: LF/1183]
Fellow of Indian Chemical Society [Fellowship Number: F/6833]
Fellow of International Congress of Chemistry and Environment [Fellowship Number: FL/S-5066]
Life Member of Indian Society of Analytical Scientists [Membership Number: LMT-2007/54]
Prof. (Dr.) Sapna Sharma Professor, Dean, ISR M.Sc. Ph.D. (University of Rajasthan), B.Ed 22 Years Adsorption chemistry and its kinetics and plants as potential source for removal of various ions from the agricultural/industrial wastes Journal Publication - 18, Books - 06, Presentation in Conferences - 30

Member of Indian Chemical Society-F/5538
Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association- L13549
Life Member of Vigyan Bharti Rajasthan-LM/2016/0146
Dr. Saurabh Dave Professor M.Sc. Ph.D (University of Rajasthan) 19 Years Inorganic Chemistry Journal Publication: 17
Dr. Nidhi Bansal Associate Professor M.Sc., NET, Ph.D (University of Rajasthan) 19 Years Inorganic Chemistry Journal Publication: 10
Dr. Poonam Hariyani Associate Professor M.Sc., NET, SLET, Ph.D (University of Kota) 16 Years Supramolecular Chemistry: Membrane Technology, Organic Synthesis, Bio-inorganic Chemistry Publication: 12, Patent Published: 01, Book Chapter: 01
Dr. Vishnu Khandelwal Assistant Professor M.Sc., NET, Ph.D. (University of Rajasthan) 18 Years Polyphosphate Glasses Publication: 9
Dr. Savita Sangwan Assistant Professor M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. (University of Rajasthan) 12 Years Biochemistry: Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis of Secondary Metabolites, Biological Activities, Biodiesel Publications: Chapters in Book - 2, International Papers: 13, National Papers: 05, Conferences: 26
Dr. Aruna Sharma Assistant Professor M.Sc., NET, Ph.D (University of Rajasthan) 6 Years Synthesis and evaluation of biological activities of Triazolobenzodiazepines (TBZD) Based Five-, Six-, and Seven-Membered Heterocycles Publication: 6

Professional body memberships: Green Chemistry Network Centre (GCNC)
Dr. Bhawna Jangir Assistant Professor M.Sc. Chemistry Banasthali University, Rajasthan, Ph.D. Chemistry, IIT, Delhi, India, UGC (NET) JRF 2011 (AIR 82), GATE 2012 (AIR 623) 4 Years Noble metal Nano particles as Pickering interfacial catalyst for hydrolytic oxidation of organo silanes Publications: 4, Patent: 01


Three well equipped Laboratories, one for UG Practicals, One for PG Practicals and one for research work


Faculty Name Patent Particulars Patent ID No. Profile Photo
Prof. Sanjay K. Sharma

Novel Organoarsenic and Method of Synthesis Thereof

Novel Organoarsenic as Antimicrobial and its Synthesis Thereof

202211027061 A

202211033611 A

Dr. Poonam Hariyani Food Diet Monitoring Device IN202211021631
Dr. Bhawna Jangir A Process for Preparing Pickering Interfacial Catalyst and its application thereof 334795


Prof. Sanjay K. Sharma has been recognized globally by Stanford University, based on data from Elsevier’s Scopus, and published in PLOS biology journal.

  • Prof. Sanjay K. Sharma received ‘Change Maker Humanity Award’ for his contribution to Green Chemistry & Research in ‘Education: University Teaching and Learning Processes’ on March 26, 2022.

Student Support & Progression

Preparatory Classes for NET / GATE / JAM for Higher Studies.

  • CRT Classes: For UG / PG students at University Level - for Placements
  • Internships
  • IAESTE Internship
  • Internship in Industries and Research Labs
  • Active Participation of PG students in Conference, Workshops
  • Academic Visits


Student Name Program / Batch Placed in Profile Photo
Ms. Shubhi Dadhich M.Sc. Chemistry-2020 Trainee at SBL Private Limited (Jaipur)
Ms. Pallavi Chauhan M.Sc. Chemistry-2022 Business Development Associate, Exotic Learning
Mr. Shlok Nigam B.Sc. Chemistry-2022 TrueBlue India LLP
Mr. Vishal Sukhnani M.Sc. Chemistry-2021 Offer from Alkem Health Science Unit Beta Block (A Unit of Alkem Lab. Ltd.)
Ms. Nandini Soni M.Sc. Chemistry-2021 Quality Control Officer at SBL Pvt. Ltd. (Jaipur)
Mr. Nishant Mishra M.Sc. Chemistry-2019 Trainee Scientist (CRC Process) PI Industry, Udaipur
Ms. Suhawani Rathore M.Sc. Chemistry-2019 Trainee Scientist CRC Process PI Industry, Udaipur
Ms. Monika Nanoma M.Sc. Chemistry-2019 Placed in Dainik Bhaskar
Ms. Mansi Singh M.Sc. Chemistry-2019 QC Chemist, Aayukart Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur
Mr. Omveer Yadav M.Sc. Chemistry-2019 QC Chemist, Aayukart Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur
Mr. Kunal Sharma B.Sc. Chemistry-2021 Waterproofing expert Asian Paints Ltd.
Ms. Nidhi Jain B.Sc. Chemistry-2020 Graduate Trainee Hindustan Zinc Limited
Mr. Shailesh Gautam B.Sc. Chemistry-2020 Entrepreneur in Cosmetic Industry
Ms. Anshika Rustagi B.Sc. Chemistry-2019 Quality Analyst Grade-II Teleperformance D.I.B.S.
Mr. Mohit Badgujar B.Sc. Chemistry-2019 Networking officer in NHSC JKLU


Alumni Name Program / Batch Higher Study Profile Photo
Aswathy Pillai D. B.Sc. Chemistry Hons. (2015-18) Qualified JAM, M.Sc. (Chemistry) from NIT, Surtkal, Karnataka
Vishal Yadav B.Sc. Chemistry Hons. (2016-19) Qualified JAM, M.Sc. (Chemistry) from NIT, Meghalaya
Kamlesh Mewara B.Sc. Chemistry Hons.(2017-20) Qualified JAM, M.Sc. (Chemistry) from IIT, Guwahati
Richa Joshi M.Sc. Chemistry (2016-18) Got offer for Ph.D. in Chemistry from Lisbon University, Portugal
Rohit Solanki M.Sc. Chemistry (2016-18) Pursuing Ph.D. in Chemistry, Kiel University, Germany
Jitendra Kameliya M.Sc. Chemistry (2012-14) Ph.D. from MNIT, Jaipur
Mangaldeep Paul B.Sc. Chemistry (2017-20) Pursuing M.Sc. Chemistry from UIT, Dehradun
Aman Jaiswal B.Sc. Chemistry Hons. (2015-18) Got offer for MBA from EU Business, School Munich Gmbh, Germany

Student Internship Program

  1. Shubhanushi Prakash (M.Sc. 2020-22)- Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences, B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology Vandalur, Chennai
  2. Nandini Soni (M.Sc.2019-21)- Rajasthan Forensic Science Lab, Jaipur, & ONGC, Dehradun
  3. Vishal Sukhnani (M.Sc.2019-21)- Rajasthan Forensic Science Lab, Jaipur
  4. Shaily Sharma (M.Sc.2018-20)- Bhabha Atomic Research  Centre(BARC),Mumbai at RPCD (Division) under the guidance of Dr. Barik Atanu also received offer for Internship from CDRI, Lucknow
  5. Omveer Yadav (M.Sc.2018-20)-  Amol Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Jaipur
  6. Swati Sharma (M.Sc.2018-20)-  Amol Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Jaipur
  7. Mansi Kalal (M.Sc.2018-20)-  Forensic Lab, Delhi
  8. Mumal (M.Sc.2018-20)-  Ground water quality Department, Ajmer
  9. Shubhi Dadhich (M.Sc.2018-20)-  Sangam India Ltd(Textile Industry), Bhilwara
  10. Vishal Singh((M.Sc.2017-19)- Amol Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Jaipur
  11. Kirti (M.Sc.2017-19)- Amol Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Jaipur
  12. Sushma Rajawat (M.Sc.2017-19)- Amol Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Jaipur
  13. Nishant Mishra (M.Sc.2017-19) – Thera Chem Research Lab, Jaipur
  14. Suhawani Rathore (M.Sc.2017-19) – Thera Chem Research Lab, Jaipur
  15. Monika Nanoma (M.Sc.2017-19) – Dainik Bhaskar, Udaipur
  16. Richa Joshi (M.Sc.2016-18)- School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, & IAESTE Internship, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  17. Rohit Solanki (M.Sc.2016-18)- IAESTE Internship, Kiel University, Germany

IAESTE Interns

Intern Head Student Name Internship Year Intern Topic
Prof. Sanjay Sharma Patricia Schneider (Germany) 2015 Green practices for Environmental Pollution
Prof. Sapna Sharma Andrew Cummins (Univ of Edenberg, UK) 2017 Isothermal Kinetic Study on Removal of Methyl Red Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Guava Bark Powder
Prof. Sapna Sharma Julia Justyna (Poland) 2018 Study on Bio-sorbent Activity for Removal of Dye Along with Antioxidant Property
Prof. Sapna Sharma Roberto Lerche (Austria) 2018 Study on Bio-sorbent Activity for Removal of Dye Along with Antioxidant Property
Dr. Poonam Hariyani Sára Bene (Hungary) 2018 Isolation and carrier facilitated transport of Metal Ions through bulk liquid membrane.
Prof. Sonu Pareek Ha My Luango (CzechRep) 2019 Synthesis, characterization and biological study of Benzazole derivatives
Prof. Sapna Sharma Sakdinon na nan Gino (Bangkok) 2019 Study of Waste Cabbage Peel as a Biosorbent for Removal of Methyl Orange from Aqueous solutions
Prof. Sapna Sharma Kirsty Anderson (Scottland) 2019 Isothermal Kinetic Study of Lemon Peel as a Biosorbent for Removal of Methyl Orange from Aqueous solutions and its Antimicrobial Properties

Activities & Achievements

Industrial Training to Geographical Survey of India on May 02, 2022.

Student Activities Student Activities

An Educational Trip for B.Sc. and M.Sc. students on 22 March, 2022.

Student Activities

In House University level quiz competition called Eco Venture Olympiad_2021, conducted on 11th Dec. 2021 based on environment issues: Air, Water, Soil, Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Forest, Natural resources, Natural disasters, Environmental act and regulations, Waste management & Current environmental issues/disasters.

Student Activities

Celebration of Menstrual Health and Awareness Day as ‘Happy Periods Day’, 5 February 2020.
Venue: Girls Hostel JU, Resource Person: Dr Sudha Gupta, Senior Gynecologist, Rajkiya Mahila Chikitsalaya

Student Activities Student Activities

State level Rashtriya Balika Diwas Samaroh (22-24 Jan 2020) organized at University of Rajasthan.
Ms. Mansi Kalal, student of M.Sc. Chemistry, JECRC University won second runner up prize in poster making competition.

Student Activities Student Activities

Activity @ Swachata Pakhvada 24th Jan 2020

Student Activities

Food Adulteration Awareness Camp by M.Sc. Students

Student Activities Student Activities




  1. Prof. S.K. Sharma entitled “Share of ‘Green Chemistry’ in Indian Chemistry Journals: A Comprehensive Bibliometric Study’’ of Rs 23,51,600 is sanctioned by DST, Delhi, under NSTMIS scheme of DST in 2019-20.
  2. Prof. Sapna Sharma, PI in Science Technology and Innovation Hub, JECRC University (PI) 2020-23-Sanctioned by DST, New Delhi (2.99 Crore).
  3. Prof. Sapna Sharma,) (Co-PI) co-PI in Project Development of Women technology Park (WTP), at Vidhani Village, JECRC Foundation (2015-18- Sanctioned by DST, New Delhi (70 Lakhs).
  4. Prof. Sapna Sharma, (Co-PI) JU-BBI JECRC University Biotechnology Business Incubation Center 2019-20-Sanctioned by DST, New Delhi (30 Lakhs).