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Corporate Connections @ JECRC UNIVERSITY

JECRC University apprehended the changing technology dynamics in the industry, which is influenced by different factors like need of solutions for unsolved technical problems, changing characteristics of the social environment etc.

In accordance with this trailing thought and in order to empower the students with the latest & prevailing technological skills, we have collaborated with industry leaders like Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services-Educate (AWS-Educate), Tech Mahindra, TCS, IBM, CISCO, DXC Technology, EC Council, Xebia, Samatrix, Salesforce, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Adobe etc. Through these alliances, we could not only get the industry experts on board, which is otherwise difficult to deploy for the education ecosystems, but also attained augmented innovation through knowledge exchange.

Ploughing on with the above objective, the “Office of Professional Development in Education” at JECRC University identified the critical knowledge gaps and maneuvered the aforesaid corporate connections to professionally develop and augment the technical skills of the faculty members of the University. So far, 102 faculty members have benefitted through 17 Sessions which have been conducted by personnel of 12 globally leading industries in the last 21 months and have attained enhanced knowledge of the contemporary technologies like Cloud, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, Cyber Security to name a few. These 102 faculty members with their enhanced knowledge set have exhibited improved performance in education, research and administration as well as in augmenting organizational capacities and culture, which has revamped the overall academic experience of faculties as well as students at JECRC University.

In order to put forward the benefits of these collaborations to the student fraternity, JECRC University has introduced and launched joint degree programs in its academic curriculum, in collaborations with the global industry leaders which led to the enrollment of 600+ students in the session 2020-2021 in the programs offered in association with TCS, IBM, EC Council, ASSOCHAM, Xebia, Samatrix and Sunstone Education Technology Pvt. Ltd. Likewise, 700+ students have enrolled in the GCCF program offered in consortium with Google. 535 students got certified in Robotics Process Automation under the aegis of Automation Anywhere, 407 and 250+ students chose SFD and RPA as an elective subject and underwent 6 months’ long learning journey through Salesforce and UiPath respectively. More than 100+ girls would be trained in Data Science and Big Data Analytics by DXC Technology. Also 50 students grabbed the golden opportunity to get certified in Machine Learning from Tech Mahindra experts. JECRC University is proud of the fact that with through these distinguished Corporate Connections, we could create a path breaking change in the lives and upcoming career of more than 3500+ students.


Corporate Connections @ JECRC University