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Corporate Connection with Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

JECRC University is the first University in Rajasthan to establish the BOT LABS. For this, JECRC University has entered into an MoU with Automation Anywhere. Automation Anywhere is a leading company in the field of Robotics Process Automation with its headquarters at San Jose and offices in 35 countries of the world.


So far, there are only 70 BOT LABS in the world out of which only 47 BOT LABS are in India. Automation Anywhere shall provide RPA (Robotics Process Automation) software in the BOT LABS at JECRC University, with the help of which students will be able to make robots of their own. The software robots are based on the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence. Automation Anywhere shall also provide RPA course for design and development of robots which the University envisages to float as an open elective subject for the students.

After doing this course, student shall be able to design and develop high end sophisticated robots in the BOT LABS. In the last 2-3 years, there had been a tremendous increase in the number of job opportunities in the field of RPA because of huge investments by IT giants and further millions of vacancies are going to be created in the time to come.