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Message for Students by Shri O.P. Agrawal, Chairman, JECRC University

Chairperson Message

JECRC University Campus

Dear Student,

There is an old saying: The future of a country is shaped in class rooms. I strongly believe in it. The youth of India represents aspirations of India and Indians. I understand that aspiring young India deserves world class education and technology.
And yet, we need to address the larger Universal concerns too.
To keep track of the technological development that brings the social change, JECRC University is making sustained efforts in providing the world-class education in a serene atmosphere.
JECRC University has accepted the challenge of providing technically skilled manpower, at the same time striking a balance with the sustainability of the humankind.
Keeping pace with these concerns, and the challenges that the technological developments have posed, JECRC University has a promise to equip the coming generations with the skills that are vital in the coming times and the traits that human society always craves for.
I invite you to the JECRC University to fulfil your dreams and to build your own world.

   O.P. Agrawal,

   Chairperson, JECRC University.