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Global Outreach Programs by JECRC University

Background of JU-Global Outreach Cell (GOC):

Higher education to solve the toughest challenges the world is facing todays, requires a global approach that can address the issues pertaining to scientific discovery and encourage a mechanism to work collaboratively to produce the maximum output of the educational and training efforts by the universities. Recognizing the need for international collaboration, the JECRC University establishes a Global Outreach Cell comprising of the experienced and internationally recognized academicians dedicated to meet the global challenges and to work in collaboration so as to effectively train the future scientists and engineers of the nation.

As businesses go global so as the need to find the talent well-versed in the multicultural environment in order to effectively learn and work to solve the complex problems of manufacturing and research enterprises located in different countries.


Objective of JU-GOC:

The GOC at JU aims to provide a platform for faculty and students to engage in bilateral exchange programs for foreign institutions of higher education to work together on the important research projects, training in new systems and technologies and to develop new teaching and research methodologies.

a). Long-term objectives:

1. Organize visits of embassy and consulates staffs from New Delhi.

2. Visiting professorship programme: DAAD, Nehru-Fulbright fellow.

3. To start collaborations for faculty and students exchange with reputed universities abroad to promote educational excellence at JU.

b). JU’s approach to develop a global alliance:

1. Provide a platform for faculty and students to engage in bilateral exchange programs for foreign institutions of higher education. 

2. Work together on the important research projects, training in new systems and technologies.   

3. Organizing international conferences to have a dialogue about the current R&D.

4. Develop and implement new teaching and research methodologies focused on industry requirements.

Strategic Planning:

Students exchange for summer internships, master thesis, and faculty visits for working on projects, joint research grants (DST-NSF) are the areas of focus at JU. The GOC at JU is working to identify the mutually beneficial opportunities for the faculty and students and the host institution abroad for pursuing advanced studies, research and training in important technologies and facilitates them with the process so that the aspirants do not feel it difficult to pursue their interested training.

Work plan:

JU Global Outreach Cell is intent to provide the following facilities to the students.

  1. Immigration and Visa services,
  2. Language requirements, 
  3. Examination requirements (GRE/TOEFL), 
  4. Preparing research plans, 
  5. Research proposals, 
  6. Course material design
  7. Setting up new collaborations for students and faculty exchange
  8. Encouraging faculty members to work on joint research grants such as DST (Indian), NSF (US) joint grant with the US university faculty.
  9. Involve (Ph.D.) students to participate in research grants and laboratory visits in foreign universities.
  10. Collaboration in visiting professorship such as Nehru-Fulbright fellowship.

Existing Collaborations:

  1.  University of Alabama
  2.  Dr. Gupta recently received a consultancy research grant from University of Piitsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) United States. UPMC is a leading medical health care and research university in the United States. Dr. Walt Schneider, Professor of Radiology and Neurosurgery is the principal investigator in US department of defense grant to develop High Definition Fiber Tracking (HDFT) MRI diagnosis. Dr. Gupta’s rare expertise in fiber and polymer science is very critical to help Dr. Schneider’s team to develop and calibrate range of hollow fibers to mimic and map brain connections. Dr. Gupta seeks to identify suitable hollow fibers to create brain phantoms for subsequent use in High Definition Fiber Tracking MRI diagnosis. US First Lady Michelle Obama appreciated Dr. Schneider's breakthrough HDFT work to help Veterans and civilians affected by Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Dr. Gupta is currently working with JECRC university faculty members across all the disciplines to set up collaborations with foreign universities in terms of faculty visits, fellowships and developing joint academic curriculum.

Ongoing Undergraduate Internship Collaboration

The cell is currently working to match some BTech students of JECRC and UDML colleges to projects in computer science at Georgia Tech for summer internships. The cell is also working with University of Missouri mechanical engineering department to match JECRC BTech Mechanical students in projects underway at University of Missouri. 

Others collaboration is being set up with IAESTE (International Association for Engineering Students for Technical Experiences) for exchange internships for undergraduate students on bilateral basis covering the universities around that world.

Planned Library: 

The cell should be a primary resource of information having publications of the interested counties containing their details about ‘work and life’ so as to help the visiting faculty and students to those countries and should also provide the incoming visitors a set of comprehensive information about Jaipur, Rajasthan and India in general. The cell would also provide the study and preparation materials for GRE, TOEFL, GMAT examinations to help the prospective JU students for graduate studies abroad. GOC at JU also helps the potential aspirants by providing them the necessary information and resources to help them locating appropriate study programs by working in close association with the partner universities and the independent universities as well. 

Five year plan for Global Outreach Cell:

Organize the visits of Embassy/ Consulate staff from Delhi

In near future the cell plans to invite the respective country’s consulate personnel to visit the JU campus on important occasions to showcase the excellent academic environment at JU and to provide the ambassadors an opportunity to get a feel about JU’s mission of academic excellence and the relevance to solve the toughest global problems such as environment, energy through the scientific discovery and global co-operation between India and the different countries. The consulate staff would really like to get a feel about the City of Jaipur and the JU academic atmosphere so as to bring JU closer to the respective countries in bilateral exchange of faculty and students.

Visiting Professorship Program

Currently DAAD sponsors visiting professor fellowships and US State Department, the Nehru-Fulbright fellowships for deserving qualified faculty members to visit Germany and the United States for conducting advanced research at the host University’s laboratories. JU should plan to prepare the potential faculty members for these prestigious fellowships. The successful completion of these fellowships by the faculty members will empower them to help JU students to come closer to the institutes of higher learning abroad and will likely to promote the teaching and research excellence at JU.